Thursday, July 12, 2012

You probably want me to write something, don't you?

Ow, my head.

Off to a real slow start this morning, which sucks because I have a ton of stuff to do today and tomorrow so I can go get probulated by the TSA on Saturday.

Coffee... Need coffee...


og said...

What, getting the X Ray Opaque "Like this, pervs?" tat on your nether regions? Eating something planned to give you particularly bad gas?

Fly safe. Hope you don't get jerked around too much.

Anonymous said...

Hah.. I walked into the stupid cancer box and the lady says "you need to take your belt off. Now put up your hands and hold still." WTF? So I get groped because I was wearing a belt, but they never told me before they basically had me being scanned. Enjoy your special touches.

Will said...

Tam, it appears you wake up with a headache fairly often. Might be some mold in or near your bedroom you are particularly sensitive to. Check closets, pillows, floor, walls, ceiling, window frames, and outside the window area.
This is a somewhat common problem, I've been told.
Got a stepsister that had a water leak in the wall of her closet, contaminated all her clothes hung there. She wasn't sensitive to it, but other family members were.

Could also be something you are consuming before bedtime, or even something you need to consume, but occasionally don't, that is the cause.