Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Overheard on Stage Four...

Stage Four started out with you shooting a "stage gun", in this case your choice of a Glock, XD, or one of a pair of M&Ps, through a window at some cardboard targets before setting it down and charging into this shoothouse-type structure, scooping your shotgun off a table and running down a hallway, blowing away some clay pigeons in rooms to your left & right, and then dumping the shotgun as you reached the back door and drawing your own pistol to engage a bunch of cardboard targets in the open bay behind the structure...

The lighted square in the middle of the photo is a shooter with a light-equipped pistol, mowing down targets out the back door at the end of the hallway. This stage was big dirty fun. Thank you, Crimson Trace!

RSO: "...and for your stage gun, you'll have a choice of Glock, XD, or M&P, so let us know which one you want before your run. Incidentally, when the squad he was on came through, Jerry Miculek said the M&P with the sticker on the frame was the best of the bunch."

Me: "Phhhtthhh! What does he know about guns? Anyway, uh, I'll take the M&P with the sticker on the frame."

Iain Harrison: "You know Jerry shoots for Smith & Wesson..."

Me: "Yeah, but he said that particular M&P. Besides, it might still have some of his shooting mojo on it."*

Later, after everything was winding down, I was talking with Iain and Frank James and Patrick Sweeney in the vendor tent (see how deftly I name-drop?) when this familiar-looking guy in a Team S&W shirt came wandering in, asking about food. Iain pointed him towards the table that had the leftovers from dinner. As he walked past, I did a double-take over my shoulder...

"That's Jerry Miculek!" I squeaked.

"Looking for leftovers," confirmed our host.

"Hang on, I'm having a fangirl moment... Hang on... Okay, I'm cool."

*Maybe it did. I smoked those four targets...


fast richard said...

Sounds like great fun, both the shooting and the socializing. The rest of us just get to follow along vicariously.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Has Iain licked anybody's head in your presence yet?

Anonymous said...

If you didn't talk to Jerry you should. He's a great guy, a true Southern gentleman and as down home as they get.

Jay G said...

So. Freakin'. Jealous.

But yeah. I'm with T-bolt. Has Iain licked anyone's head?

(FWIW, the lick didn't impart any of his shootin' mojo on me, unfortunately...)

Eric said...

I missed my chance to talk to Jerry when he was in the LGS with the S&W reps. He was busy with the store manager, so I just watched from a discreet distance.

I've been kicking myself since for having such good manners!

Anonymous said...

Smoked 'em?
No surprises here.

Anonymous said...

The Miculeks shot a stage I SO'd at the Masters. Very nice folks

They came back with a team of teens and walk the whole course again as coaches in the 98 degree weather.

Great people for the sport.

Ian wore a kilt during that match.


Anonymous said...

I am still hoping this is Tam's breakthrough moment to get the back page of Guns and Ammo!

A dog can dream.

Anonymous said...

I got to talk to Jerry a few times
at the late, lamented, Second Chance
Bowling Pin Shoot.
The match provided a lot of good memories. Those conversations are
among them.

One of the side matches at Rich
Davis' Second Chance circus involved a 9mm subgun, a tower,
a tank full of water, ping pong balls, a 30 round magazine, and holing the trigger back till all the rounds were expended and a lot of water, and some ping pond balls
were on the surrounding grass.
Jerry told me "I have a plan (for
the event). I watched him shoot and his plan was obviously a lot better than mine. :>)

Matt G said...

What fun. Seriously.

SteveO said...

I saw Jerry and his wife shoot at a local match once; she out-scored all the rest of the men, and Jerry reloaded his revolver so fast I thought the speedloader was a piece falling off of it. I was about two steps behind him, and almost slapped his shoulder to warn him of the malfunction.

I guess that would have been a good story, too.

NotClauswitz said...

There's nobody to name-drop at the GBR... I don't think anyhow.

Carteach said...

Your life is scary good fun. Envy!

Old NFO said...

Yep, hope you DID talk to Jerry, he's good folks and VERY approachable!

Scott J said...

I discovered IDPA in Feb. I average mid pack or slightly less overall in ESP or CDP.

I'd love to be a SSR guy since I owned nothing but revolvers from 1991 to 1998 but with my reload times averaging 5 seconds I'm not sure I'm worthy to even speak JM's name.

Scott J said...

Feb 2011 that is. I don't advance because I don't practice enough and won't stick to one division.