Monday, July 30, 2012

Because misery loves company...

...I'll just share this little news story I stumbled across this morning and now can't un-remember:
Brown lives in a neighborhood near several playgrounds and regularly invited children over to his house for pizza, according to the news site.

But it isn't the first time he's been eyed as suspicious. In 1998, he was investigated after police found several pairs of boys' underwear in the front seat of his car. He maintained that they were puppet clothes.
The above sentences only scratch the surface of the story. He was apparently arrested for multiple felony counts of "Just Generally Being A Creepy-Ass M__________r".

What do you do with a guy like this? I mean, assuming we don't find any half-eaten kids under his floorboards? He hasn't done it... yet. But he really, really wants to, and apparently isn't shy about telling people online about it, as long as he thought he was anonymous.

Every time I brush out the pelt on my wookie suit, I run into snarls and tangles like this.


Stuart the Viking said...

The answer is for people to watch their kids like hawks, and for some pissed off father to put two in his brainpan the moment he finally steps over the line and screws with his kid.

But, that's in Viking world... I guess the real world doesn't work like that anymore (and probably never did).


Chris said...

Or you could get some nosy cat lady to watch him, and I'd be the neighborhood parents would chip in for her expenses. If the cat lady is busy, get some of the guys that stand on busy street corners spinning "Closeout!" signs.

Stuart the Viking said...

Maybe we could make a sign saying "don't diddle little boys" and hire one of those sign spinners to stand out in front of his house.

What? Too obvious?


og said...

Pack his ass off to Thailand or some other muddy asian shithole where kiddy diddling is a growth industry.

Rustmeister said...

Some folks just need killin'...

Kevin said...

Sorry Og, but I'm one of those Neanderthals that believes that all cultures are NOT equal. Any culture that does not lethally discourage kiddie-diddling is, IMHO, not a good one, so shipping him off to diddle little asian kids is a non-starter.

Also unfortunately, I believe in "innocent until proven guilty." That means some kid must, necessarily, suffer his assault BEFORE we can put a bullet in the perp's brainpan.

It is a quandary.

Matt G said...

I've got one kind of like that in my town, except that he likes all manifestations of the female. One of these days, I will have to take a report of an assault or an attempted assault by him, or else I will take a report of a killing of him by his neighbors. They all know what he is.

It's a quandry, indeed.

Woodman said...

Until he actually does something he's not a criminal. I think most people can agree with that.

And there is no evidence that he is doing anything but having sick fantasies.

What if he doesn't get off on the topic, but on the shock and horror of it?

It all rests on the assumption that you can't cure people like this. I'm not sure that's true. I also think that research into changing human sexuality is stunted due to social attitudes and what the fallout would be if they found out there was a "switch" that controlled human sexuality.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kevin.
Until we come up with some kind of 'Minority Report' technology, we have to wait until these monsters actually ACT.
THEN, prove they did in a court of law.
Otherwise, we could all be subjected to a rush to judgement.

Brad K. said...

The non-violent Amish and other religious communities have a practice, shunning, where someone that strays from the path laid out for the community is exiled in practice, without actually dislocating anyone. It mostly works, and as I understand it, is much more effective than the drug and violence training ground we call a "correctional" system.

An important aspect of shunning is the notion that real repentance and rehabilitation can occur.

We call the cops on molesters, send them to prison to "pay their debt" -- and then refuse to follow through and forgive and forget for some. We make the pervert list their address as a sex offender (or steal ID to live reasonably normally) -- how can the offender change? We send them to "Dang, boy, you is one sick puppy!" treatment programs, and wait for the sick puppy to learn to live without being perverted. That is almost as fraught with unintended consequences as sending out unemployment checks to people not really wanting that next job, as long as they can keep food on the table.

The French had (have?) a mechanism for "change" called the French Foreign Legion. A ten year hitch with a complete break in identity let the (surviving) veteran try again with a clean slate. Since the FFL wasn't allowed to be actually within France, this amounted to an exile, too.

As for the creeps and perverts and other folk rejected by a healthy community, one has to pre-suppose a healthy community. Instead we live with a bloated, money driven government, and communities that cannot tell what is a family and what isn't without counting genders instead of counting parents.

I don't know what the answer is. I guess I don't understand why parents could be aware of the guy, and not protect their children from him. That seems a mystery. Because if they do know about one pervert, they have to know there are an unknown handful more that their children are just as likely to be victims of. So, why to the parents continue to expose their children? Leaving them ready to associate with unknown, and thus untrusted, adults?

Yes, the jerk is a problem. Yes, his risk to the community should be addressed. But registering and interventions and prison hasn't seemed to work remarkably well. And we do have to know that there are those that have turned from perversion, some precious few. But it wasn't because of modern law enforcement or people making money from government programs.

NotClauswitz said...

That's not a tangle or snarl in the Wookie pelt, it's a burr from a foreign mind-object.

I don't think he can be cured, but his "affections" can retain a substitute - or he can be the object of someone bigger and greater's affection. Or he can go join the Taliban in Afghanistan, since they like the same thing.

RabidAlien said...

Much as I hate the "innocent until proven guilty" in cases like this, since somebody's son or daughter is going to have to go through something horrific, I think that molesters should, once proven guilty, be taken out back of the courthouse and immediately put out of the public's misery. While I would enjoy seeing someone like that put in general population (even criminals have a code of honor, and touching a kid is a big no-no) for some "eye-for-an-eye" justice with Bubba and Omar, I don't want to spend a dime on them. If it takes ten minutes from pronouncing guilty to pronouncing dead, that's about 8.5 minutes too long to me.

og said...

Sorry,, Kevin, it doesn't matter at all what you think or what you want, that shit happens all over the world whether you like it or not. Some cultures openly, some covertly, but statistically something worse is happening right now in your neighborhood; people who do bad shit are uncommonly good at not getting caught doing it. You want it to stop? Easy-peasy. Just kill everyone. The same argument about drugs "if we make it legal we can control it, and besiudes it's your body you should be able to do as you want with it" can be applied to then worst of pervs. Not all cultures attach the value to childhood innocence that we do. Weigh your options: Is it better to have some scumsucking perv shipped off to where scumsucking pervery is a way of life, and barely noticed, or have him among ostensibly civilized folks? I don't like any of it one bit, but if I have to choose between waiting until someone does something evil to my neighbor kid, or getting him out of the neighborhood, I choose shipping him off every time. Anything else is just posturing. "I won't stand for that!" That's special; what will you do?

Tam said...


"The same argument about drugs "if we make it legal we can control it, and besiudes it's your body you should be able to do as you want with it""

Non sequitur.

Your body is yours.

The kid next door's body isn't yours. (Nor is anybody else's body, for that matter.)

The division is pretty sharp and clearly-defined, actually. Come to think of it, it's kind of a bedrock legal principle.

Tam said...

(nb. Obviously, by "yours" here, I'm just following the syntax in the quote. I don't mean you you, or any other "you" reading this...)

Kristophr said...

Hmmm. Ostracism and a neighborhood protest?

Get him fired and evicted so he goes away.

Unless a parent shoots his ass, I'm out of ideas.

Woodman said...

I forgot about the dead kiddie porn. I retract the hasn't done anything wrong part.

Firehand said...

Five or six years back I saw some pictures from a town in Louisiana where someone had tried to abduct a kid at a bus stop, so a bunch of citizens started watching the school bus stops.

The picture that stuck with me was a old, bearded guy sitting with his back to a tree, and leaning next to him was a Winchester 94. The locals had no problem at all with that.

Firehand said...

Rabid, read something a few years back about a survey that found a LOT of people in prison had been molested as a child, or knew someone who had; therefore, when they have a real live molester in their hands, they consider it payback time

Steve said...

This case has even reached My The City.

Ken O said...

This guy is just one snort of bath salts away from feasting on kindergartener tartars; give him the Ol' Yeller.

Larry said...

Had something similar once upon a time. I carefully explained to the guy, one on one and in private, that I had a gun and a shovel and all I needed in order to use them was an excuse...and I didn't like the way he was looking at my 10 year old son, get it???
He got it. He left town not long afterwards, ditching his 16 year "too" old boyfriend in the process.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that everyone seems to be more bothered by the fact that he's attracted to children than that he wants to eat them.

Goober said...

He has desires over which he has no choice, but obviously is able to control. You leave him alone, just like you do antone else, until he actually causes or attempts to cause harm to someone. Gasta rapers brag about how they want to commit murder all the time, but we don't lock them up. Ubntil they do, that is.

THis guy is sick. Something is mis-wired in his brain. But he at least has control of it, and to date, that we know of, hasn't hurt anybody. You can't touch him until he does, or else you're the aggressor.

None of this would preclude a good father in this neighborhood making sure his kids know to stay away from this guy, and also making the guy painfully aware that he is one bad decision away from a long, protracted, and very painful death. I would do both. Hell, I saw my Dad do exactly that to a sex offender that lived in our neighborhood. The guy tried to make friendly-like with us boys one day, and Dad had a talk with him. Real civil-like, he told him that he wouldn't have any desire for young boys once pops had stapled his balls to the shed wall.