Friday, July 06, 2012

Tab Clearing...

  • The latest tagline around Roseholme Cottage is "or what the Brits call a 'spanner'," complete with air quotes, inserted after nearly any random noun in a sentence. (H/T to Jim at TMR.)

  • This column causes me to ponder three questions: 1) How do the citizens of, say, Denmark face the day knowing that their nation is not Number One in every conceivable category?, and 2) Putting aside various statistical concerns, is it more important to be #1 in Exports or #1 in Get Out Of My Face And Mind Your Own Business? and finally 3) Why do some people seem positively gleeful to find their country scoring low rankings? It's creepy, like those medieval guys who hit themselves with whips to make the plague go away.*

  • Here in Hoosieropolis, our ninjas run nekkid. It keeps the pirates away because, despite (or perhaps because of) their colorful attire and earrings, pirates are slightly homophobic and "Eww! Nekkid guy! Arrr!"

*Yes, I know they're called flagellants. I'm rolling.


Anonymous said...

IMPD Spokesman released the following statement: "Oh, sure, the Naked Ninja made us look like fools, but you have to understand, by regulation, our officers were drunk."

Shootin' Buddy

Bubblehead Les. said...

RE Number 1: Hey, as long as we hold onto the important Number, the Second Amendment, screw all those Polls and Studies. Besides, those who take joy in any category where the U.S. is behind Belgium are from the Hate America First Crowd anyway.

Damn Wobblies.

Bram said...

Was the United States ever #1 in these categories? Does it really matter whose kids are best at Algebra (if the next 30 are pretty close)?

We were once #1 in small government and freedom - that is the only drop-off I'm concerned with.

Ed Foster said...

Look at the life expectancy and general health of middleclass or better Asian-Americans and European-Americans, and compare those numbers to anyone else on the planet. Dambetcha we're number one by a mile.

Then look at the sociopathic mess the Democratic Party has created in our inner city. Give them that at least, the Republicans know they can't ever get the welfare/bureaucrat vote, so they don't pander to it.

A basically bisexual American Black and downscale Carribean Hispanic male population that is fondest of anal sex, is totally promiscuous, and prides itself on never using a condom, has given our innercities an HIV rate that rivals Haiti and West Africa.

The Bantu word for what is their standard means of birth control is Uku-hlobonga,and probably made sense before AIDS evolved, but is a cultural death sentence now.

If that seems an extreme statement, go to YouTube and look at the heading "Black Men On The Down Low", where wives can learn to look for the behavior. Two Black married men I know have boyfriends, and their wives and mothers don't consider it cheating as long as there is no woman involved.

Add in a third world murder rate and three to six generations of institutionalised illegitimacy. It soon becomes obvious that there are two Americas, and there isn't much except benign neglect that can help the crippled part of America.

Adding more government aid is just bandaging over an infection and supplying more germs.

perlhaqr said...

Why do some people seem positively gleeful to find their country scoring low rankings?

Are any of those rankings anything like the Brady Report Card for the States?

'Cause I always like it when they give New Mexico an F-.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it help if they actually knew what American Exceptionalism *means*??

It has nothing whatsoever to do with "rankings".

fast richard said...

The argument seems to be that since America is not really so exceptional, we should stop being different from all those other countries. They keep using the word exceptionalism, but I'm not sure it means what they think it means.

RevolverRob said...

Putting aside various statistical concerns, is it more important to be #1 in Exports or #1 in Get Out Of My Face And Mind Your Own Business?

But we're actually #8 in Get Out of My Face and Mind Your Own Business.

If we wanted to be number 1, we've got to be better than Estonia.

However, if you really must rank number 1, remember where the number 1 country in the world for private firearm ownership.


og said...

His eyes were still on fire and his feet were clad in skin
His horn it was a flopping and- as people said- too thin!
A bit of fear when through him as he saw their tasers charge
Then as the darts hit skin he felt a pain both sharp and large!

Don't tase me BROOOOO!!
Don't tase me HEYYYY!!!!
Naked ninja in a Prius!

The cops didn't look too drunk. I wonder why? Also, the one cop seemed to be tazing him in the nuts. No wonder he ran away!

Anonymous said...

The self punishers of this ilk are called "flatulants" - for the large amount of tofu they consume...

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Caption under the picture in the American exceptionalism article is as far as I got:

Finland's school system is ranked among the world's best. It has elements that could help American schools, say observers.

Which means that all the tax money we've spent on improving education at the behest of, gee, folks like CNN, have just been (gasp) wasted.

Maybe our edumacators and politicians should have paid more attention to this prophetic little tome thirty years ago, instead.

I've finally stopped reacting with amazement when the left gets all worked up over something that in the end turns out to be its own damn fault.

Ed Foster said...…5en/conc5en/leadingtraders.html

In honest numbers, assuming you count agricultural exports, computer software, plus banking and investment profits, the U.S leads Germany by hundreds of billions of dollars as world's largest exporter.

Looking only at manufactured goods is intellectually dishonest, but consider the source.

Coming in well behind Germany's second place are China and Japan at third and fourth. The only reason we have a balance of trade deficit is the importation of oil, which is a good thing.

We're using up the oil of Russia, the Arab countries, Angola, and Venezuela, while sitting on about two hundred years of the stuff here and in Canada. Twenty years from now, we'll have them by the short and curlies.

Ed Foster said...

And Tam, cut the citizens of Denmark a little slack. They lead the world in consumption of pork, and make a decent showing on chicken and beef.

Ed Foster said...

Odd, isn't it, that the twenty or so most long lived and economically successful countries matches so well with protein consumption?

Matt G said...

When even your country's geriatric protosocialist baseball team in robes knows that freedom from King George is more important than freedom from bullets, you get to say "We're numbah one!"

" If our understanding of the right to a jury trial, the right against self-incrimination, and the right to counsel were necessary attributes of any civilized country, it would follow that the United States is the only civilized Nation in the world." --McDonald v Chicago (2009)

Matt G said...

(Oh, and Shootin' Buddy beat me to the punch. ;) )

jetfxr69 said...

RevolverRob--I've got to call "BS" on the World Liberty Index. Both the U.K. and Canada are ahead of the U.S. on the "leave me the heck alone" scales? Not from what I've seen...

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to hearing "we already have the best health care system in the world" another 6 zillion times if team R wins the election.

We may have some of the finest medical technology and treatments in the world, but the system as a whole is far from perfect.

Critter said...

tasing nekkid crazy folks is a dicey proposition at best. they should have been trained to get the cuffs on him while still under power instead of trying to reason with him after the power switched off.

Davidwhitewolf said...

But... but... that's what the Brits call a bonnet, not a spanner -- a spanner's a wrench....

Oh, wait, I think I get it now.

Kristophr said...

Og: How many times in one lifetime do you get a chance to taze sumdood in the gonads?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Our ninjas keep their clothes on, have shootouts with the cops, and abscond with a patrol car.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh wait, he did go nekkid.

Drang said...

Hmm, re: "'What the Brits call a spanner'...". Evidently I have a long, lost, blogging cousin.

Will said...


IIRC, PCP users quite often strip down, due to their body overheating from side effects of the drug.

Pathfinder said...

In re second bullet, I love the way these leftoids create a desert in academia, then proudly point to the failings THEY FREAKIN' created to say - how can we be #1? Look at these statistics??

Wanna know why we are exceptional? Not too long ago, on DRTV, I posted a thread about all we did in WWII in terms of the materiel produced, and the list was more than impressive, it was awe-striking.

In just one area - we built more aircraft carriers DURING the war than existed in all the world's navies combined at the start of the war. Plus destroyers, DEs, subs, landing craft, et. etc. etc. Plus gazillions of aircraft, plus gazillions of tanks, plus gazillions of small arms, plus gazillions of trucks/jeeps/personnel carriers, plus bazillions of ammunition, plus plus plus. No other country did that, not even close.

We did that. No one else. We did! Not to mention making a republic work, at least for a while.

Any wonder why the statists and one-worlders have made damn sure our manufacturing capability has all been "off shored"?

Makes me pissed just to think of what the BGs have done. Need to go cool off.