Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Everything's Turning Into Tulip Bulbs

First it was hand sanitizer, bleach, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. (And that's not entirely over; good paper towels are still hard to come by.)

Then it was flour and baking powder as everyone decided to try home baking.

Of course guns and ammo have been in short supply since the start of the 'Rona, and that situation is unlikely to resolve itself in time for the now-traditional quadrennial Great American Election Year Panic-Buying Freakout.

Bicycles were a shortage I hadn't foreseen, but should have. With cycling being an excuse for getting out of the house, bike sales skyrocketed. With the supply chain for big bike makers like Trek and Giant going straight to China, it didn't take long for on-hand inventory at most bike shops to dry up. Apparently you can't buy a cheap bike right now for love nor money in a lot of places. A good used bike right now is worth its weight in Charmin.

Most bike shops are apparently running long backlogs for repairs & service, too, as people dusted off disused bikes and needed leaky inner tubes replaced and crusty derailleurs adjusted.

The other day I decided to venture into Meijer to restock seed & suet cakes for the feeders in the back yard, only to find the birdseed shelves looking as picked over as the ammo counters at the local gun shop. Because apparently birdwatching is the new hotness.