Friday, July 31, 2020


So, I have an alarm set to go off every day at 4:30PM to remind me to do thirty minutes of concentrated de-cluttering/cleaning on one specific part of the house, or sorting and organizing one specific item or item category.

One day that particular task was rounding up scattered ammo boxes lying hither and yon about the house and sorting them into the appropriate storage area. In the process, I actually laid hands and eyeballs on my "in case of emergency, break glass" stash of pistol ammo for the first time in...well, apparently more years than I like to admit.

Up until early 2012, that stash was most of a case of .45ACP "Black Talon by another name" Winchester RA45T, buttressed by a few hundred rounds of Golden Saber and HST.

I know it's been a while since I laid eyes on the stash because it's currently centered on a case of Winchester RA9TA, which is the 127gr +P+ Ranger-T round, and I haven't carried those since...probably 2013?

There's plenty of other 9mm JHP on the shelves, too. I've got lots of war shots. It's the plain old shooting ammo supply that's more sketchy at the moment, simply because I have to have at least some of that on hand just to do my job.