Sunday, July 26, 2020

How many degrees of separation?

So I was sitting here checking my email, and there was one from Reddit with a list of new threads that some algorithm thought would catch my attention.

One of those threads was announcing that Olivia de Havilland had just passed away at the ripe old age of 104. Curious to see what Ms. de Havilland's later life had been like, I decided to scope out her Wikipedia article.

The only problem was that I had a bowl of Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno chips (tasty!) sitting where my keyboard should be and while I had a Wikipedia tab open, it was to the article on the overhead press, which didn't exactly link directly to Olivia's page.

Can't use a keyboard, gotta use hyperlinks, so...

Fortunately, there was a variant of the overhead press called the "Arnold press", named after Schwarzenegger, of course. Clicking through to his page showed that one of his early acting performances had been in a 1979 comedy flick called The Villain, where he appeared alongside Kirk Douglas.

As a young actor, Douglas's big screen debut was in a movie titled The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, where he starred opposite Barbara Stanwyck. Barbara, according to her Wikipedia page, is one of the actresses considered for the role of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind, which of course also featured de Havilland as Melanie.