Thursday, July 30, 2020

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #186...

Another range day of building the round count on the little peanut butter colored FN 509 Compact MRD with the Trijicon SRO and Streamlight TLR-7. I am increasingly enamored of this red dot. This is the sort of HUD I was imagining on guns in sci-fi RPGs back in the Eighties.

(Well, I imagined it as a single frameless sheet of "transparent plasteel" or some such, but close.)

Focus on the target, put the gun in front of your face*, and when the red dot is on the target, pull the trigger normally.

The TLR-7 continues to impress, too. I remember when 500 lumens was a big frickin' deal from a full-size 2-cell WML; now it's a subcompact single CR123 output. According to Amazon, I bought the light on the last day of November and it's been on the gun all the way through the testing for the Shooting Illustrated review plus the shooting I'm doing for my Patreon page, so it's probably been exposed to around 2,500 rounds worth of muzzle blast so far and is still working and hasn't loosened any.

*Or, as Aaron Cowan put it in a very "light bulb" inducing fashion, "Put the slide cover plate in front of your nose." Proprioception works!