Saturday, July 25, 2020

How bad is it out there?

To put the shortages in perspective...

  • A friend who works for an online ammo seller noted in a conversation a couple weeks ago that they were pretty much completely out of 12ga ammo. All 12ga ammo.

  • A gun writer friend told me he'd hit up the site of an ammo seller he works with last week, and they didn't have a single SKU of 9mm in stock, and only one or two each of .40S&W and .45ACP.

  • Commander Zero checked RSR recently and, out of the nearly 2,800 handgun SKUs in their current catalog, only 55 had any inventory actually in stock.
I've been picking up the pace of shooting for work recently and that requires ammo. In the past couple weeks I've paid $0.40/rd for a case of S&B 115gr FMJ, and $0.30/rd for Tula steel cased 115gr ball. If you don't normally buy ammo by the case, these are case prices more typically associated with premium defensive ammunition from Speer or Federal, not budget imported ball loaded with funny-smelling floor sweepings.