Sunday, July 05, 2020

Trolled Again

Look at the background of the header photo! The only way this could be more obvious would be if his Twitter handle were "@lololitrollboomers".

But that didn't stop the usual suspects from falling for it with the charmingly adorable, repeated gullibility of Charlie Brown going after that placekick.
One post showed a poster that advertised a flag-burning, complete with Antifa members doing face painting, of all things. Another post suggested that 30,000 members of Antifa were planning to invade Gettysburg and its suburbs to kill white people and Trump supporters. That post also suggested that Antifa members had been setting off fireworks for weeks leading up to the holiday to inure people to the sound of gunfire so they wouldn’t call the police when Antifa began executing white people.

Both things turned out to be, as the president of the United States would say, fake news.


Among them was a guy named Nathan who made the nearly seven-hour drive to Gettysburg from Cuyahoga County in Ohio with three of his buddies to protect the Confederate monument from attack by protesters. He didn’t want to give his last name because his wife was angry with him for spending the holiday in Gettysburg rather than with his family.
At least nobody shot themselves this time.

There's a good story at the WaPo, who quickly realized that the originator of the "LeftBehindUSA" Facebook page was faker than pro wrestling, but it's behind their paywall.

It's profusely illustrated, however, in case you wanted to see lots of pictures of the sort of people who buy those oddly specific shirts marketed on Facebook...