Thursday, July 16, 2020

Like Cheating...

Even on a nice summer day where the relative humidity in Indianapolis is low, the pistol bays at MCF&G can be a little sticky. You've got a beaver pond about a hundred yards to your left and Eagle Creek a dozen yards to your right. On a day that's both humid and sunny? Some shade can make a huge difference. I eagerly voted for those shelters during my time on the board.

Of course, this time of year, if you didn't bring your own target stands, it means you'll be shooting the steel from ~20 yards out if you want to be in the shade while doing it.

When shooting a bitty little compact like the 509C, sticking a good red dot like the Trijicon SRO on it can make this a lot more easy. I need to see if I can buy this test unit. Thus far I'm liking it in use more than the regular RMR. I know they're less rugged, but I'm not fast-roping out of helicopters with a knife in my teeth somewhere in the outback of Absurdistan with it.