Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Gun Toting Passerby Saves the Day

As Tom Givens is wont to observe, part of the reason that stories of private citizens using firearms to ward off assailants out in public aren't more common than they already are (and they're more common than most people think already) is that such a relatively small percentage of people carry outside the home* regularly.

Recently in Brownsburg, Indiana, a close-in suburb bordering the northwest corner of Indianapolis, there was just one such incident that made the local news, but which didn't seem to garner national attention.

A dude is sitting in his car at a traffic light (I've sat at that traffic light many times on the way to Brigid's old place) when suddenly a bullet punches through his car and he's hit by flying glass.

This is not a "bad neighborhood"; it's a sleepy suburban bedroom community. This must have been as startlingly out of place as an alligator suddenly falling out of the sky and landing on the hood of his car.

It seems that some dude had gone off his nut and started chasing a couple unarmed guys who were doing groundskeeping work in the cemetery there on the corner. He'd killed one and was chasing the other, firing wildly, when a missed shot hit the passerby's car.

Said passerby pulled out his own blaster and saved the life of the second victim by shooting the crazy guy and ending what could have developed into a regular shooting spree in a residential neighborhood, as the crazy dude had most of a 30-round magazine left.

Passerby wishes to remain anonymous, according to his attorney, Guy Relford.

*There are plenty of stories of private citizens using their firearms to thwart assaults and robberies, but in my observation a solid majority happen in the home or workplace and the gun is retrieved rather than drawn because most people who are legally able to carry guns outside the home don't make the effort or only carry when they "think they'll need one".