Wednesday, July 08, 2020

It's alive!

There's a cliche'd little slogan that you can get on the Etsy-tier kitsch that's constantly hawked in the target-marketed background hum of social media:

Which, I'll confess, makes me not much of a photographer. Most of my life is spent in Program mode with occasional forays into Aperture Priority when I need to force more subject separation than the camera's likely to give me without prodding.

So the old Leica IIIb proved something of a challenge, since there was none of that to be found.

Well, I was shooting my test roll on a bright July day without many clouds in the sky, so the Sunny 16 rule proved handy.

"Let's see... Drug store Fujicolor 400 and f/16, so... 1/500th and pray..." I was hoping that if I'd made an error, the broad exposure latitude of modern C41 process color film would bail me out.

It turns out that I needn't have worried...

Baby robin couldn't quite fly yet, not for more than short hops staying in ground effect.

I just kind of free-handed this one out the passenger side of the Zed Drei on the way to the camera store.
Taking photos with an eighty year old camera is pretty cool. Now I'm perusing FleaBay for screw-mount glass...