Monday, July 13, 2020

I'm sure it indicates something.

I don't really track precious metals pricing intently. I keep a very small stash, mostly as a pro forma thing. Adolescent me who read doomsday stuff, fictional and otherwise, knows you're supposed to have some for TEOTWAWKI.

So I keep my inner kid happy with a small stash even though I know that canned food and a few cases of 7.62x39 or 5.56 would be far better barter goods in any situation where I'd have to swap things for stuff in a post-apocalyptic flea market.

At any rate, I idly wandered by the online precious metals vendor I occasionally patronize and noted that silver is still generally tracking along that price plateau it's been riding since mid last year, up a few bucks from the trough it had been in earlier last year. Huh. Wonder what gold looks like. Let's click over and and...yowza!

Gold is up $400/oz since this time last year, and $300/oz since the first of January. It's at near-historic highs, over $1,800/oz. Doubleyew-tee-eff?

Quick, to the Googles!

There's a problem with "going to the Googles" to find news on gold price trends, and that's that the first three pages of search results...even on a news search...go to the blog sections of various precious metals sales sites or day trader sites that are tagged as news and then SEO optimized to-hell-and-gone. I'm looking for WSJ OpEd-style thinkpieces and not thinly-veiled ads for e-gold.

I got five or six pages of search results in before finally giving it up as a bad idea and settling for a couple fairly lightweight pieces from Forbes and CNN Business that will at least give me links and keywords to come back and search better this afternoon. At least they're not disguised gold commercials like you'd get at KitCo or directly selling investing advice like Seeking Alpha.


It's aways interesting to write something and then see how other people read it.

I figured I was writing a piece on how SEO has wrecked easy-breezy news searches in certain specific .biz-intensive areas. (I can only imagine trying to find solid news pieces on vitamin research.)
The internet seems to have read it as me writing "What do gold prices?"