Monday, July 27, 2020

Hiding my own Easter eggs already...

Sorting out some half-empty boxes in a corner by the front door, I grabbed one that I thought was leftovers from a previous .40S&W project, for which I had ordered several boxes of Federal .40 hollow points in two different flavors:  165gr HST Tactical, which ships in the current Federal Premium packaging, and the XM40HA 135gr JHP, which is in the old blue and silver Federal boxes.

Anyhow, like I said, I'd walked past this box dozens of times over the last several months without really paying it any attention because...well, .40S&W.

But I figured it was time to sort stuff out and take a better inventory, and so I scooped up the six remaining boxes...two silver & blue and four of the new kind...and carted them to some shelves in the basement.

Whereupon I discovered that I had two silver & blue boxes of XM40HA and four boxes of Federal 9mm 147gr HST Tactical. With availability like it is right now, suddenly finding 200rds of premium JHP for work stuff is super handy.