Tuesday, August 05, 2008

That was fun. And yummy.

Had lunch with Gunsmith Bob, Les Jones, and Say Uncle at Stir Fry Cafe. Gun talk, general conversation, and intarw3bz gossip with the old gang; good times! :)

Unc recommended the spicy noodles to me, and I recommend them to you.


Breda said...


OrangeNeckInNY (Formerly RedneckInNY) said...

Oooh I love spicy noodles. Was it an Asian Fusion restaurant? You should try the Vietnamese Pho (beef noodles soup) if they have it.

So what did you guys talk about?

Mmmm...speaking of food I'm gonna get me a Marino's Italian Ice...

And to everyone here who've seen me post as "RedneckInNY", I've changed my name to "OrangeNeckInNY" seeing as it's more fitting because I'm a yellow-skinned (not to be confused with being 'yellow') Asian who acts a lot like a redneck (all my redneck friends tell me that and they actually helped me coin the moniker), but not quite a full-blown redneck. So that being said, henceforth, I shall be known as "OrangeNeckInNY." :รพ

Roger said...

I may need to increase the size of my screen font. At first glance, the name of the restaurant looked like "Stir Fried Cats".