Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Too much of a good thing.

Via the Maddened Fowl, I learned that the RCMP actually negotiated with the Canuckistanian bus decapitator dude for three hours after they showed up.

Now, okay, I'm as big on due process of law as the next person, but when you show up at the stopped bus, and it's empty of passengers except for one (1) dead guy and a blood-covered guy with a knife in one hand, a severed noggin in the other, and some human flesh hanging out of his mouth... well, that's not a "suspect", okay? You've got your man, Mister Mountie. That's the guy, right there.

"Come out of the bus!"



Problem solved; taxpayers richer by whatever amount it's going to cost to house and feed and try this guy; gene pool a bit cleaner than it was yesterday. What's the big deal?


Anonymous said...

While I tend to agree that I'd really liked to have him shot off hand and spare everyone the trial and incarceration.

But, I think I prefer my cops to keep talking to the guy, until the moment he starts being a (serious)threat to others. The already dead person isn't getting any deader after all, and no one else was in danger at that point.

On the other hand, had someone else in the bus shot him when he turned around with a bloody knife, I'd be all for giving them a Good Citizen medal.

Also, if he rushes the cops, go ahead and shoot him, but a bloody madman in a corner?... "lets see if we can get him to surrender peacefully" sounds good to me.

Would they have tried that at the start of Waco, etc... "We've got you surrounded, you ain't getting away, come out quietly"

NotClauswitz said...

I read via Small Dead Animals that a couple fairly guys held him at bay with a hammer and a crowbar until the RCMP arrived - Canadians aren't allowed to have handguns, I think.
The nasty/creepy part about Socialist Progressivism is that all the evidence shows they do eventually descend into a political state where "escaping prisoners" ARE shot in the back of the head...but they keep the madman psycho's alive - as job replacements? They don't need any special training I guess.

Drang said...

It's Canada. They probably couldn't find a Mountie who was weapons-qualified.
(Gods, I'm going to catch hell for that!)

OK, fine, they had to get authorization from the Queen to shoot, OK?

NotClauswitz said...

"fairly brave" I meant.

Anonymous said...

Give up that old Canuckistan bs-it is getting pretty lame.The guy was a chinese immigrant-came to Canada in 04.As to our gun laws-thousands of hunters,collectors and shooters don't like them or agree with them.
Did you agree with everything that Clinton did?

Brian J. said...

Whose bright idea was it to start up on Canadians on a Canadian Civic Holiday, when they're all on the Internet with their inferiority complex radar set to high?

Jeez, it's like picking on Europeans in the summer.

Tam said...

"Give up that old Canuckistan bs"

New to this blog, aren't you?

In the last two days I've made fun of the state I live in now, the cuisine of the state I used to live in, and anybody who likes the New York Mets.

Canuckistan, Canuckistan, Canuckistan!

Jeez, lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Bleeding heart liberals up there in Canuckistan, Canadia. There's your problem.

TOTWTYTR said...

Tam I agree with you. This guy should have been given one chance to surrender and then the RCMP guys should have lit him up like a Christmas tree.

Surrender peacefully? He's way past that.

NotClauswitz said...

Canuckistan? Of course, we camped with the Publicity Agent for the Canucks when we were driving around Europe in 1969. I even had a t-shirt for a while back when nobody in the lower 48 had even heard of "soccer."

Anonymous said...

A bus full of diesel fuel, a road flare or two...

Carl H said...

Forget it Jake-Tam. It's Canadatown.

Crucis said...

It was Canada, for God's sake. The land of liberals and elitists who shake in their shoes lest someone harms a criminal.

Don't you know they've disarmed the Mounties? Sheesh! They just have to make Canada safe for crime. The serfs can take care of themselves.

Anonymous said...

My cousin is a Mountie, they are armed - thank you very much - and will shoot you if they have to.

And it's not Canuckistan, it's "Bananada".