Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So as I'm blinking my way reluctantly towards consciousness for the second time this morning, the opening fanfare for the Today show is playing on the TeeWee, and I cock an ear at it, thinking "Maybe it will give me something to write about today, because thank gawd that *&*^$#@# missing airliner won't be the top story anymore."

And the announcer says "French satellite spots debris field!"

That television's continued existence proves anti-gunners wrong every day.


Rational Gun said...

I can't believe you're not excited about Michelle Obama observing pandas and eating Tibetan food :( That's the !BIG! news on NPR right now.

Tam said...

Shootin' Buddy will turn NPR on in the truck with a gleeful exclamation of "Let's see what Barack is doing!"

Rational Gun said...

Hopefully Michelle will help the Chinese with education (said with a straight face).

Paul said...

Rule 4. Saves my TV at least once daily.

mikee said...

But is she finally, really proud of the Chinese yet?

I would guess that the Chinese government's open racism against all non-Chinese, and long ongoing history of oppression of human rights (i.e., mass murder), might have had a limiting effect on Michelle's high opinion of her hosts, along the lines of Nancy Astor forthrightly asking Stalin: "When are you going to stop killing people?"

I could guess that. But should I guess that, I would be wrong.

tailwind said...

Of course TV's cause bad news.

Get rid of TV's and there will be no more bad news.

tailwind said...

A former girlfriend had a 1971 Gremlin X with the big six.

It was actually a lot of fun to drive.

Not as fun as my '64 Corvair, but fun nonetheless.

Stretch said...

I'm sure Michelle is making notes for HER term in office.
When you stop gagging tell me I'm wrong.

As for the "debris field" ... I'm sure CNN will wait until confirmation is provided by a serial numbered part ... assuming CNN knows what a "serial numbered part" means.

Geeze ... I really doubled up on the Cynic Flakes this morning's breakfast.