Friday, March 07, 2014

"Being in the Indian navy is like taking a cruise..."

"...on the Carnival Triumph."
Indian navy
Yes, you can sail the seven seas
Indian navy
If you can put your mind at ease
Indian navy
Uses bargain electric wires
Indian navy, Indian navy
Has unexplained electric fires
Indian navy
Come on, protect the motherland
Indian navy
The CO2 leaks aren't so bad
Indian navy
The group insurance is pretty rad!
Indian navy, Indian navy, Indian navy (Indian navy)


Paul said...

Amazing, that is what I heard too!

Woodman said...

Aren't all the navies in the world supposed to be obsolete because fast boats with harpoons?

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I participated in the conversion/overhaul of an amphibious assault ship that we sold to India.

Cheap isn't nearly a good enough word for that situation.


Tam said...

It kinda saddens me because, in the realm of burgeoning powers, the Indians are the ones whose interests were least likely to come to loggerheads with ours. And if Uncle Sam is going to be throttling back on "Keeping The Sea Lanes Free", other countries are going to have to step up to the plate. Frankly, I'd rather have India picking up the ball in the Indian Ocean than China.

David Whitewolf said...

I work for and with many Indian immigrants. Shrewdest businessmen I have encountered, negotiators without peer (especially when an unsuspecting Westerner is across the table), fiercely loyal to friends and family, utterly ruthless schemers to everyone else. In short, wildly successful in many. ventures.

But quality control? Long-term strategy? Uh uh. Hard to be precise when cutting corners is ingrained from birth. And don't get me started on attention span....

My bosses travel to both India and China and return saddened each time by the comparison.