Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Going through some old pics, sorting and suchlike. Just noticed a neat detail in a pic of Ambulance Driver running his fowling piece. Here, let me zoom in on it for y'all:


Old NFO said...

He's 'quick' with that thing! ;-)

Baker M. Romeo said...

Quick like a bunny, like a bunny quick-quick.

Knucklehead said...

No disrespect to Mr. Ambulance Driver but the credit for this bit of neatness of photo must go to Ms. Tam. Pull back the pump and the spent cartridge pops out. Now, if Mr. A had returned the pump to its forward position while said spent cartridge was still a mere coupla inches from the ejection port, we might attribute impressive quickness to him.

The timing of Ms. T's photo phinger, on the other hand, is impeccable.

John A said...

Is it registered?

Yeah, off topic. nut registering your possessions with government can indeed lead to confiscation (or forced destruction) and possible prosecution.

Do I mean Connecticut firearms? California? Not tjis time. I mean the legal-until-now medical marijuana users in Canada who had looked at the quality and pricing of store-bought funny cigs and figured that wacky-backy being basically a weed (it will grow even if you DON'T want it) decided to plant their own. Now, the registrar of medical-use weed has announced that those who said they would grow their own (complete with instructions from said registrar) would have to p[rove they destroyed all supplies and plants or be turned over to the police as criminals... Can we all say "taxes?"


Ambulance Driver said...

Knucklehead, somewhere in her collection of pics from Blogorado, she's got one of me with the ejected shell in that same plane, and the slide already back into battery.

And yeah, Tam's as good with her camera as everything else she points and shoots.