Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sorry about that...

I was worse than useless this morning.

And this afternoon.

Fairly far into the evening, actually.

It's safe to say that Sunday was pretty much a wipe. We'll try again tomorrow.

Obviously, I took today as seriously as the leadership of the European Union took the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when they announced on Saturday that they would hold a meeting about what to do about it first thing Monday morning. Way to let Vlad know how important this is: "We're going to talk about writing you a stern note when we get into the office on Monday!"

From the
"This situation is so important we're going to have crisis talks... in a couple days."
Meanwhile, here's my impression of Secretary of State Kerry on Meet The Press this morning:

"Hold me back, bro!"


LCB said...

No Problem. Feel/be better soon...

Same here...

Someone explain to me how Alaskans survive this crap for a whole winter...cause it's starting to weigh me down...

Jess said...

I thought it was all over, way south along the Gulf Coast.

I was wrong. The front is coming through and dropping temperatures from the upper sixties to the middle thirties.

At least there's no call for frozen precipitation. That's a plus.

I looked up the word "mundane" in the encyclopedia and found a photo of John Kerry.

Gerry N. said...

Funny, I looked up John Effin' Kerry and found "Treasonous, Lying, Cowardly, Perjurious sack of Sh*t."

Sherm said...

The EU is just following Barry's lead. Who says he leads from behind? He did nothing before the EU even got their first tweet out.

Joel said...

I love that McCain quote: "Every moment we fail to respond..." Boy, you can tell who's not in charge. Respond how, exactly? I'm really interested. Sail the Med Fleet into the Black Sea? Then what?

Though Vanderbough's probably right about one thing. They'll "respond" by banning Wolf ammo.

Matt said...

Nothing the EU could do about it if they wished, they have no Army.n they would have to borrow or rent one. They also don't have money to pay for one.

Anonymous said...

mayhap Vitamin D in some form could augment the solar lamp effects?

- just some random

The Raving Prophet said...

Yeah, I was intending to be productive too.

Didn't happen.

As for the Ukraine, well, I'm not surprised. It's an area with precious little national interest for most western nations (and especially the US), a place that's exceptionally difficult to project power into, all for the "liberation" of a nation where a sizable chunk of the populace is plenty happy to see the Russians move in.

Whether it is Obama or anybody else in the Oval Office (well, maybe barring a second coming of Reagan) nothing more serious than a sternly worded tweet is likely to happen. It just isn't worth it to us.

Anonymous said...

Hey - time to yourself is time well spent - regardless of what you are doing. Hope you are out of the funk and onto bigger things.


Windy Wilson said...

You think it will be a tweet? I think it will just be a sternly worded sentence in the next speech about whatever Potus wants to talk about to draw attention away from Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Mexico, the IRS, Fast and Furious, NSA, and the others I don't want to take the time to type. Whenever THAT happens. After the EU crisis meeting, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

The important question is, "What are Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary doing?" Are they mobilizing?

In 1968, Brezhnev expected the US to invade Czechoslavakia and scoop up part of it after Russia re-invaded during the end of the Prague Spring. The Russians had orders to halt and not engage if they met NATO Troops. Will this happen in the Ukraine? If Russia can grab back Crimea, will Poland/NATO peel off Western Ukraine? Or will Putin stop at "Just" Crimea?

Anonymous said...

No one is going to intervene in Ukraine.

No one in the EU has an army that can project power, and they are broke, feckless and rather dim.

The US is broke too, it's far far away, and frankly I'm not sure there is any good reason for us to go over there and play silly bugger with the locals IN their back yard. 1/2 the people you would be "saving" would be actively hostile to being saved, and the other half would be trying to rob you. Also, our leadership is feckless and dim.

In Ukraine, they are broke,criminal, corrupt and violent, ( doesn't matter which faction) and even the do-not-like-russians bunch do not like their own "leadership" any better than they like Russians.
I wouldn't call their leadership feckless and dim, but more venal and grasping.

The Russian are less broke, and though they aren't what you'd call competent or well organized, they are more so than the opposition. It's their side yard since they took the whole damn place from the muslim hordes back when, who took it from whichever semi nomads had kicked the Goths (semi-nomads) out around the end of the roman empire. Telling a Russian that Ukraine is not legit part of Russian is more or less like telling a 1914 German that Prussia is not a part of Germany.
Putin is neither dim nor feckless, and had he a competent son would probably have declared himself "Tzar of all the Russias" Part Deux, already.

The Russians have the fuel supply, the military might and 1/2 the population.

They win, end of story. For now.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Mad Panda!

Anonymous said...

EU leadership is curled up under the blankets too! Look around your room, do you see any people eating croissants and holding their cigarettes in a funny way?


Kristophr said...

Not quite on topic:

And speaking of wars ... the crazy Dutchman III'per has thrown the weasels into the chicken coop in CT.

Matthew said...


We Alaskans survive the winter just like the Finns do; only more shooty and less stabby.