Friday, March 28, 2014

At least he didn't accuse them of being violent, because that really sets them off.

Both atheists and Christians like to claim that they're a persecuted minority here in America because being a persecuted minority in our country gets you mondo grievance points which can be exchanged for valuable cultural prizes. Meanwhile:
A Pakistani court has sentenced to death a Christian man accused of blasphemy in a case that sparked a riot in the eastern city of Lahore.
Thank you, Religion of Peace, for putting hair-pulling spats about creches on the courthouse lawn in perspective...


Donnie Gwinn said...

Right, but the difference is that atheists actually--AHHHH!
You almost got me that time. I gotta keep an eye on you.

Tam said...

Can't find "like" button. :D

og said...

One merely needs to leave this country to discover what real poverty, real intolerance, and real persecution is actually like. Hair pulling spats indeed!

Windy Wilson said...

I don't think the relationship between the Atheists and Christians or Christians and secularists in America even arise to the level of a hair-pulling spat. More like hissing at each other in the hallway of high school.

rickn8or said...

REAL deities don't need human intervention to handle cases of blasphemy...

Jim said...

Everyones gotta believe in something.

I believe I'll enjoy this here cigar.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Robert Fowler said...

"Sawan Masih was arrested last year after a friend accused him of making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad."

Some friend.

Paul said...

I make derogatory comments all the time about that guy. So far no one has called me on any of them.

Well, maybe once, but he is a banker so that could explain aversion to truth.

Rob K said...

We need to keep having the hair-pulling spats about creches on the courthouse lawn so we don't get to the point of stonings for blasphemy.

mikee said...

Step 1. Hair-pulling creche spats.

Step 2. (???)

Step 3. Stonings for blasphemy.

I really hope we never figure out Step 2.


Step 1: Stonings for blasphemy.

Step 2. (???)

Step 3. Hair-pulling creche spats.

We, or more importantly Pakistan, et al., really, really need to figure out Step 2 for the process above.

Anonymous said...

ok, granted, being a "persecuted Christian" in America would seem like being in heaven (no pun intended) to pretty much any non-Muslim in Pakistan (or any other Muslim h#ll-hole) but,

that doesn't mean that the official position of the left/media/democrats (I get them confused) here is that Christians are dead last in the respect pecking order falling somewhere below used car salesmen.

now, I'm not religiuos, nor do I car much what fantasy one wants to believe (assuming it doesn't mean your G_d condones flying planes into buildings and marrying girls off at at age 6 etc etc), but

I at least can respect that the reason we had a reasonably decent system to live in, and the freedom to then screw it up royally, is because the men that thought it up for us were pretty religious mostly.

And of the Christian flavor at that.

I'd much rather suffer from the Judeo/Christian heritage than any other I've seen around the world.

Scott, Phx, AZ

Tam said...

", I'm not religiuos, nor do I car much what fantasy one wants to believe (assuming it doesn't mean your G_d..."

I'm calling bullshit on your claim of irreligiosity.

I think anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows why.

Anonymous said...

Well then. Like to explain to me how I'm not irreligious?

I'll admit I don't have the 2 brain cells to understand your reaction.

Bit dissapointed really. Not quite sure what set you off over my post.


Tam said...

I'm not "set off". I guess I just use "bullshit" more casually or flippantly than others.

I've just never met a non-religious person who uses the English bastardization of the tetragrammaton when referring to the Judeo-Christian deity, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Thought that might be it.

Was worried that you thought I was criticizing your post in some manner, which I was not.

But, you are wrong. I am not religious. I do have a healthy respect for the believers in the Judeo-Christianity deity though.

But I looked up the "tetragammatron" thing and I can understand your leaping to conclusions.