Monday, March 03, 2014


I can't scream into a pillow because it would freak the cats out.

I am so done with winter it's not even funny.


Anonymous said...

Go for a ride (scream away). Get something ridiculously sweet and fattening, some new clothes, or a new gadget.

Come back and drop some amazing phrase on us.

Carteach said...

Sick of grey.

Can't wait for evenings by the fire pit, sizzling steak, and cold lager by the cooler full.

Robert said...

Hang in there. Not much longer to go.

bluesun said...

Road trip? It's 60 degrees and sunny here in Western Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Did you move around today?

Move pain away.

Shootin' Buddy

Scott J said...

Patience. I spotted a Bradford Pear starting to bloom during my morning commute today.

It won't be long.

Sigivald said...

Teach you to live in the midwest.

og said...

This is why you have a car. You can drive around in the car screaming, and people will hardly even look at you. I have been doing it since 1988

Kristophr said...

Pretend you are Finnish, get drunk, and knife someone.

Anonymous said...

Dateline: Mid-Atlantic Maryland

Yesterday we were playing with the kids outside in T-shirts, enjoying sun and almost 60 degree weather.

This morning we woke to freezing rain and got 7+ inches of snow. It'll be single digits tonight and below zero wind chill. School closed. Again.

Yesterday sun and fun. Today sliding and shoveling.

I. Am. Done.

Anonymous said...

Yo Tam:

Hit the local plant nursery - buy some crocus bulbs. Plant 'em.

Next winter/spring about this time, they'll be all poking their way up through the snow sayin' "Spring is here! Spring is here!", and then you can take pictures of 'em and post 'em on the 'ol blog with the caption "Spring is (almost) Here!"

Daffodils, narcissus, and hyacinth are also springtime announcers. Plus, they're purty!


Dan said...

I'd say pack up and come to Birmingham for a bit, but I think I may just head for south of I-10 myself right about now.

Joe in PNG said...

Kristophr- I believe that shooting Russian conscripts to be another acceptable Finnish winter activity.

My old cure for the Never-ending Winter Blues was to read Hemingway's "Islands in the Stream". And LOTS of Travis McGee.

Anonymous said...


This article in the WSJ titled "Longest, Darkest Winters Spark Odd Mood Boosters - Nordic Tricks to Fight Winter Blues: Special Headsets, Hilltop Mirrors."

Interesting stuff for the winter blues from people that would know about it. Also, I've heard positive things from people who install skylights in their roofs.

If the link (it's from Drudge)doesn't work, try the article title in your favorite search engine.


Anonymous said...


Reminds me of The Cremation of Sam McGee.

Which in part goes like this.

"Sam McGee was from Tennessee ...
Why he left his home in the South to roam 'round the Pole, God only knows."

A good cold-weather poem.

Anonymous said...

I have five feet of snow in my
yard and we got a half inch of new stuff overnight. More in the forecast. My snowblower is
snowed in and has been for over a week. It's been too damn cold to
shovel the shed out so I can
unleash the machine on the white stuff.

Sing me no sad songs, as mine is sadder and will last longer.

Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one, Tam. So's John Kovalic:

Firehand said...

Got up this morning to find that the !)#*(&$$ plows- running last night AFTER traffic had beaten most of the snow/sleet down- had produced nice little ice dams at the end of every driveway.

I'm done with these idiots, too.

JimB said...

Saw a robin here in Northern New Jersey. They usually arrive with Spring. How they survive 'till it gets a bit warmer.

Anonymous said...

Well, you could move out into my territory ... the PNW around the Seattle area. Then once the gray of winter passes, you can enjoy ... the gray or spring ... and after that the 3 days of summer sunshine before the gray of Autumn!

I've been trying to get the wife to move outta this area for a couple years now, but we're still here - at least until the last kid gets done with HS! At least snow and stuff would be something to deal with.

After 3 hours of sun yesterday afternoon, the forecast says rain today ... and tomorrow, and the next day, and no rain on Friday, but overcast... then rain on Saturday

See ... it could be worse!

Kristophr said...

Joe: These days they knife Russians who think getting drunk in a Finnish bar was a good idea.

Robert Fowler said...

Plenty of sunshine here in Des Moines. We are up to a whopping 30 degrees. With a chance of snow tonight. Winter can be over any time now. Sometimes I think I'm ready to move back to Texas.

Anonymous said...

After complaining about five feet
of snow above, I went out to
move a little of it around.

My truck, buried in the snowbank,
was blowing the horn. I only saw that happen once before on my dad's old Rambler wagon, in the summer. The truck must be tired of winter. No idea why the wagon got so vocal.

Disconnected the battery and
shoveled snow for a while. Life
in the frozen north. Cold, snow
high heat bills, and no place to shoot that isn't as buried as the

KM said...

og said...
This is why you have a car. You can drive around in the car screaming

That's funny! Or you could just use the car to you know, drive somewhere that isn't in the freezer.
Sunshine and warm temps do exist in winter.

Anonymous said...

Lots of sunshine here, but that only means it's going to be cold. So cold, in fact, today makes the 71st consecutive day with below zero temps.
When the sun isn't shining, it's snowing. The banks are so high I can't see over them from the truck cab, so pulling out the drive is an exercise in faith. No place left to put snow, and March is just beginning- we normally get a couple of extra feet during the first couple weeks of March.
Lake Superior is pretty much totally frozen over, but the Coast Guard is taking off today to begin ice breaking operations.
I, too, am ready for some kind of warm weather. Let Goreball Warming happen.

William Newman said...

Here in the change-planes-as-quickly-as-possible DFW region, we have only had a few icy days, not so bad. So join us, do not be afraid! (Of the tornadoes, among other things.)

But if you're committed to living in true flyover territory, I can only only sympathize; a few of my own Pittsburgh and Ithaca winters did get rather long, and I still have relatives in those parts to remind me.