Tuesday, March 04, 2014

QotD: Already On The Books Edition

Unc on the NICS changes:
(W)hy maintain a database of those who have been denied? I mean, it’s not like ATF pursues those people in the first place.
That would probably be too much like work. Besides, you have to go out and find those guys; it's easier to hassle FFLs because buildings are usually right where you last saw them.


Anonymous said...

It's like going after the stray doobie smoker versus the hard core heroin smuggler.
Those guys shoot back!


mikee said...

Plus, with a database of offenders you have a ready group of people ready for selective prosecution/harassment at a time of your choosing.

Kristophr said...

Getting into such a database sounds like a good way to keep the BATFE away from you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that it would be to fix the false positives, but I don't trust the bastards.
When you are falsely denied, you have to do a whole series off BS to appeal. Once you are cleared, the FBI recommends you get UPIN (Unique Personal Identification Number) which can be used next time you buy a gun at a gun shop and allegedly should ease any more denials but does not guarantee it.
Basically you are being registered as a gun owner with the Feds, but since it is voluntary, they are not breaking the law.
And you can ask to be removed and they will do so (insert sardonic chuckle here) and no record of you will remain in the database.

TriggerFinger said...

Maybe FFLs need to look into buying new storefront locations.

Paul said...

Yeah. Reading one of Bracken's novels. The FFL is something the ATF has a love hate relationship with.

Ed said...

The only database that should be maintained is one that contains those who are ineligible to possess firearms, the reason(s) for the ineligibility, and the person+government entity responsible for entry of a name into that database for liability and correction purposes. Make the database publicly available without fee.
Hopefully, this database will be significantly smaller than than one that contains the names of those who are eligible.

AM said...

Lets see, a list of people denied and the reasons they were denied would include entries like:

Jane Doe, denied NICS because of a prescription for Paxil.

John Doe, denied NICS because of a prescription for Prozac.

Shirley Jones, denied, NICS because of treatment for depression following the death of her children due to cancer.

Really you want that data available?

TigerStripe said...

There should be no databases of "approved" or "prohibited" gun owners.

@AM, that's just the type of info that was "mistakenly" used in NY after the SAFE Act was passed and the same that California uses in the APPs program to deprive citizens of their guns and gun rights.