Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hard drive flotsam...

"But, Tam!" you ask, "What would happen if Gojira got in amongst the balloons at the 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta?"

Well, they'd send a news helicopter to chase him off, obviously.

(Incidentally, departing ABQ with all those things in the air is interesting.)



Borepatch said...

It's pretty interesting that with all the balloons there, I can't recall an air traffic control incident (and I've flown in and out of ABQ rather a lot).

Probably because they do a pretty good job of staying north of I-40.

Erich505 said...

Re: Gojira. The Secret Service boys down the hall tell me Leviathan has a Predator up during the Fiesta . . . I've glassed it once, two years ago. I'll bet someone has pix up somewhere.

LCB said...

We get them thar critters around here too...are they good eatin???

LCB said...

If any of you are interested, Middletown Ohio has a balloon/skydiving festival every July:

About every other year the wind takes a lot of the balloons over our house. Kind of weird to wake up to the sound of a propane burner right over the top of your house. Some of them land about 1/2 mile away.