Saturday, March 29, 2014

Walking the Earf...

Excellent post on one guy's quest to better his gun-fu.

He's inspiring because he's not just talented; he also obviously knows the way to Carnegie Hall.


Scott J said...

I just scanned the link but as a shameless Miami Vice nerd (yeah, I bought the box off Woot a couple years back) I'd forgotten about a "real deal shooter" being cast in the role of the assassin hired by Calderone.

I've watched that sequence hundreds of times without realizing he uses a 19-by God-11.

The events of that episode lead up to one of my favorite music video sequences of the whole series:

staghounds said...

He doesn't just know the way, he has learned to crave the trip.

"I had to learn to enjoy, truly enjoy, that which leads to hitting. I learned to really like drawing the gun and seeing the sights in alignment on target and pressing the trigger. I liked it because it represented hitting. Once I learned to enjoy dry fire, finding time and motivation to dry fire became easy. This was my own realization of focusing on the process rather than on the outcome."

"These aggravating factors are not for making excuses about score, but instead exist as positive pressures on my shooting development."

Scott said...

Great article and it kinda makes me want to look for some local USPSA matches so I can go embrace the suck. Went shooting for the first time in months and as expected I did fine with the 10/22, the Mosin and a friends AR but lord did I bomb shooting the M&P. Really depressing, did fine with the 1911 since I'm trying to get comfy with carrying the 9. I think it's my grip but it might also be I need to treat the trigger like a double action revolver and use the second joint instead of tip like I am used to.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'll say it.... Looking at the first picture the guy posted... he mentions carrying 14 lbs of gear every day. I see 3 guns, 3 knives, 3 spare mags, and what appears to be two wallets. What the heck is he expecting? Are we into Gecko45 category here? Where's the duct tape, sapi plates, and bullet proof briefcase.

I applaud the goal to improve his shooting, but dude seems to be expecting a roving death squad.

Donnie Gwinn said...

I wasn't clear on whether he still carries all that. He put that photo/caption right in the middle of the discussion of how he "used to be" a self-described "tactical" shooter who considered himself too much the student of self-defense to spend a lot of time on gaming, timers, etc.

I took it as a contrast to his current approach, but that's not spelled out explicitly. Anyway, I wouldn't carry all that every day, but then I live a very low-threat life (at least in terms of violent attacks from someone outside my home) and I also disarm and re-arm a minimum of twice per business day. That's enough of a pain in the ass with a pistol/reload/pocket knife.

To borrow Tam's phrase, there are people who've gone and checked to see if you can get your ticket punched for Insufficient Redundancy (Weapon), and some of 'em say it happens enough to worry about. So I don't worry too much about their students. It's the people who just sort of figured it all out by listening to their hearts that I tend to give meaningful looks.

Later, when I know more, this is all subject to change.