Friday, March 28, 2014

What media bias?

So, yesterday a long-running federal investigation culminated in the arrest of organized crime figures from shadowy Chinatown tongs and the indictment of a Democrat California state senator who was one of the prime movers behind gun control legislation in that state on charges of smuggling machine guns and rocket launchers(!) into the country from sources in Russia and Muslim terrorists in the Philippines. Dramatic stuff, with undercover informants and politicians doing perp walks and a 137 page indictment that reads like a screenplay for the sequel to Year of the Dragon.

So what was the #2 story on the Missing Airplane Show on NBC this morning? Hey, did you hear that a fatty-fat-fat Republican maybe did and maybe didn't close a bridge lane a couple months ago?



Mark Philip Alger said...

Actaually, it was buried on page A-18, but... Didn't.


Jay G said...

$100 says if a pro-life Republican were to have paid for his wife/daughter/mistress to get an abortion, it would be the absolute top story fir *weeks*.

But this? Nothing to see here, people. That was a pigeon.

Bob said...

Those teabaggers, always complaining about us being biased, and we try to oblige them by running stories about both parties, but are they satisfied? Nooooo!

What? That's not how it's supposed to work?

Boat Guy said...

I still gotta take it as a GOOD THING that we (those of us who want to) CAN find this stuff if we give it even a cursory effort. Those who are misled are witting.

Weer'd Beard said...

As you probably know, I fish in the anti-gun blog and twitter ponds for blog fodder.

The ONLY one of my anti-gun sources that even mentioned it (and he simply copy-pasted the news story without commentary) was a nobody anti-gun blogger who was likely a drug and gun runner in California during the 80s.

All the big dogs who constantly are concerned about the flow of guns from the "gunshow loophole" and are concerned about "Military Style Weapons" all seem to be as silent as a stone on this issue.

Tho most of them are still talking about that Harriet Meyers-like Surgeon General guy!

Tam said...


"As you probably know, I fish in the anti-gun blog and twitter ponds for blog fodder."

It's heartening to think that if you stopped doing that, they'd have no readers at all. :)

mikee said...

Try going to a pro-gun-control blog any time: most, sometimes all, comments are from pro-rights gunners.

And those same gun rights supporters, back on their own blogs, complain about being banned from gun control blogs and about comments being closed on gun control blogs.

My fave is Joan Peterson's blog, wherein the Brady Board Member demonstrates regularly the inability to process any information not to her liking. It is like watching a space alien guest host on the Julia Child cooking show: all the tools are present, all the ingredients, but the alien has no idea how to use them, and not even any idea about what the result of putting them together is supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

2 days later, and CNN didn't just bury the story, they ignored it.

AndyN said...

You can tell they're serious about wanting to spike a story when running it as often as possible would be economically beneficial to them. Think of how many page hits msnbc, et al could be picking up if they reported the suspicion that Yee's source in the Philippines was MILF.

Maxwell said...

I'm betting Yee doesn't spend one day in prison. Sigh.

AndyN: win.

Cargosquid said...

Heck mikee,

The pro-gun commenters have been known to dominate Huffington Post on some articles. And when its smaller entities....the pro gun side usually dominates.

Anonymous said...

The NJ dude that maybe/didn't close a bridge lane or two was the No. 2 story 'cause the press/dems have gotten a look at the latest polls. Said polls show their candidate(s) to be trailing badly. If they think they're going to get beat by an 'R' in the next presidential sweepstakes, they want that 'R' to be as much like a 'D' as possible, and the NJ dude is that guy. Which makes him their preferred (R) candidate. As such, they need desperately to rehabilitate him in hopes that he will be the next 'R' presidential candidate. Hence the No 2 story - "NJ dude not guilty!!! All you 'R's can vote for him!!!"


markm said...

"The pro-gun commenters have been known to dominate Huffington Post on some articles." Is that before or after the editors delete the comments they don't like? Or am I getting the Huff. mixed up with the other 99% of anti-gun bloggers and media?

Jennifer said...

They actually covered it on NPR. Talked about Shrimp Boy and everything. I was shocked.

Anonymous said...

They talked about it BECAUSE of Shrimp Boy. Who doesn't like saying Shrimp Boy?