Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bleg: Book ping.

Since all the likely suspects read this space, does one of y'all have my copy of The American Zone?



David Neylon said...

I'd loan you my copy but it's in storage in Indiana.

Jenny said...

I did borrow it, but gave it back. Not in my stuff I'm afraid.

Unknown said...

I may have it. Let me check the boxes of already packed-up books.

Tam said...

With Jen out of the running I'm hoping for joy from you or the Volkmeister, because otherwise it means the book is well and truly buried in my crib someplace.


T.Stahl said...

One day I visited a friend. On his bookshelf I spotted a book titled "Team Yankee" by Harold Coyle. He lent it to me, so I could read it. When he visited me (maybe more than a year later) I gav it back and ordered my own copy. Several years later he spots it on my bookshelf and says he'd like to read it again, but couldn't find his copy. So I give him mine and buy a new one.
That one I took to the US last year and traded it for another book.
Guess I'll have to buy it a third time. :-)

Tam, have you read "Team Yankee"?