Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Slow motion garage sale...

In order to stave off the owie, empty, hurty feeling in my tummy, I am offering for sale one very slightly used AR optic. To wit, my Leupold CQ/T. I had it parked on the .300 Whisper gun and was planning on keeping it and selling one of my EOTechs, but I realized it made more sense to keep the same optic on both my remaining AR carbines, so it's a moderately reluctant farewell to the Loopy. (I'll wind up getting another one someday, I'm sure.) How does $675 shipped sound? I know they sell for seven bills on line, but this one is LNIB, and it comes with the ARMS #12 throw-lever mount (a $135 value), plus all proceeds go to a good cause (if there's a better cause than my bank account, I'm unaware of it.)

EDIT: Sold pending funds.


Anonymous said...

Not to ask stupid questions, but would this fit a pictinny rail on a Bushmaster?

My boss owns a bushmaster and I figured I would mention it to him if it did.

My knowledge of the AR's stopped at the M-14/M1 Carbine

Kevin said...

Yes, it will fit.

Anonymous said...

How much is that in WoW gold pieces?

( Picitinny = "epic" .... naw .... )

Anonymous said...

I asked and he already had one (different mount though).

Sorry about that.