Friday, August 31, 2007

You know society's priorities have got completely out of whack when... is taken to point out that the diamonds glued to an anonymous human skull are "ethically sourced".

A: "Who's the skull?"

B: "We don't know. Some guy. It was lying about in a taxidermy shop since the 19th Century."

A: "Isn't that a little... wrong?"

B: "Well, the diamonds are ethically sourced!"

A: "Oh. Well that's okay, then."


Anonymous said...

It gets worse; I heard it the other way around. The skull is not real. It's a cast from a specimen skull of a guy who lived in the 18th century. "For $100 mil, wouldn't you at least expect a real skull?"

Well, would you?

Carteach said...

A skull resides on a book case in the room as I type this. No idea who he/she was, but I figure thats the most respectful place to put it.

An old medical example from da wifes family. They called it 'Herman'.

No, I do not talk to it, nor vice versa.


Anonymous said...

We had a skull for most of my growing-up years. Dad bought it from a headhunter when we lived in Borneo. There was a big axe gash right in the middle of the forehead.

phlegmfatale said...

The msnbc article said the piece is "modeled on a real skull" which could be taken to mean that a cast was made of a skull or that the platinum plates were actually applied to the skull. Those teeth look mighty real to me, though. It is a mystery why they didn't crunk out the grille, while dey was at it.

Cybrludite said...

From what I read elsewhere, the skull is a fake, molded from a real skull, but the teeth are real, and are from the skull used to make the mold.

I've got an el-cheapo plastic skull from that I'm using to make a staff for my Necromancer costume for Halloween this year. I need to dig out my Dremel & start carving the sigils into it, then painting them with the extra brite glow-in-the-dark paint from United Nuclear.

Anonymous said...

This is like a weird flashback game of Zork:

Skull Room:
You're in a room. An ethically challenged
skull like object made of a mysterious petroleum distillate, festooned with politically correct, ethically harvested carbon distillates, each painstakingly carved on the thighs of virginal non-white oppressor women, lays on a rock...

> Place .357 to my own skull. Pull trigger...

Game over man, game over!

Anonymous said...

I thought that ALL diamonds were ethically sourced in the 19th century. Well as ethically as anything else in the 19th century.

I was under the impression that the whole ethically sourced bit was due to so called "conflict diamonds".

Anonymous said...

"Ethically sourced" means that the diamond miners are exploited by the outfit which used to have a monopoly, instead of by their upstart competition (who, I acknowledge, appear to be evil folk).

Kevin said...

Plegmfatale wrote: "It is a mystery why they didn't crunk out the grille, while dey was at it."

That was precisely my reaction when I first saw it.

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly just pissed off because that skull has better dentition than I do, and I've paid a lot of money for mine.