Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They're so cute at that age...

I went to visit Marko yesterday so he could play Tech Support for VFTP Command Central. While he was futzing with the computer, I was entertained by the eponymous munchkin of The Munchkin Wrangler, Quinn, who was delighted to have a fresh audience.

He's at that age where he's often unintentionally hilarious with his grasp of language. I mean, he's got the whole subject/predicate thing down, and figured out nouns and verbs and adjectives. He can tell you that the circle is blue, or the number five is green, or go get the sippy cup off the high chair. It's cause and effect in social language that still confuses him. He knows that if he does certain things, or certain things happen to him, then there are words that people say. He doesn't, however, seem to grasp that these are social words that other people say to you. Hence we get Quinn saying "Watch your noggin!" then head-butting the wall and exclaiming "Goodness!" or throwing himself full length on the floor in a belly flop and saying "Careful! Are you okay?" The best was when I walked into the room and spotted him flipping pages in my Mosin-Nagant book while delivering a running monologue of "Tamara's book. Don't touch the book. Don't touch it!" It is nearly impossible to keep a deadpan expression in the face of that.

I am still tickled pink that he didn't think my name was "Crazy Gun Store Lady", despite Marko's best efforts...


Anonymous said...

Aren't you on a leave of absence from the Crazy Gun Store? The munchkin probably knows this.

Bonnie said...

If my nephew was talking at all, he'd probably be in that phase. I'll tell him not to do something, and because I'm neither Mommy nor Daddy, he tries to test me by doing whatever it is I told him not to do immediately after being reprimanded, while looking at me and grinning. Little snot...lol.

Tam said...

One of the cutest things is that when you're two years old, you have that same lack of "time fixing" that dogs have; everything takes place in the Universal Now, so Quinn's goodbye rituals are just charming:

"Tamara's leaving?"

"Yeah, Quinn, I've gotta split. Bye bye! See you next week!"

"Hug Tamara?"

*bend over and let Quinn give me a hug, then straighten up in time for..."

"Kiss Tamara?"

*bend over again for a peck on the cheek.*


Now he's free to wave and make funny faces by pressing his face up against the glass while I back my car out of the driveway.

When someone leaves the room when you're only two years old, it's obviously a big deal. I've seen folks off to the Great Beyond with less ceremony...

Anonymous said...

Heh! I just checked, and in addition to being google's number one for Horrible Screaming Death, you are number one for Crazy Gun Store Lady.

Way to go!