Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Funniest thing I've ever heard during a baseball game.

While the Braves were busy losing another one to Cincy, the camera panned across the scoreboard in the outfield that was keeping track of the day's other Major League games. It paused abruptly at the legend reading:
TEX: 30
BAL: 3

There was silence for a second before the sportscaster said "It's a good thing the Ravens kicker got that one through the uprights or they'd have been blanked."

He's right. That sure didn't look like a baseball score.


Judy said...

Damn, they need Cal back. Even at his current age, he'd have to be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed the Rangers didn't blow it.


Matt G said...

Managed to raise the Rangers' season average score by .2 points, in a single game.

WTF, over?

I thought Texas batting sucked.

They do suck. 8 years of batting stats supports that assertion.