Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some memery while I wake up...

...found here.

The rules are simple, if you have "Auto Complete" turned on, just type the letters of the alphabet, one at a time, into your browser and confess to what comes up.

I think it's a lot more revealing than those "Tell 8 MORE things most people don't know about you" chain letters. If I come visit you, while you're in the kitchen or the restroom, I'm going to be perusing the titles on your bookshelves and CD/DVD racks. Better (and more accurate) than psychoanalysis for peeking into someone's noggin. If you don't have bookshelves, I'll have left before you return to the living room. ;)

A =
B =
C =
D =
E =
F =
G =
H =
I =
J =
K =
L =
M =
N =
O =
P =
Q =
R =
S =
T =
U =
V =
W =
X =
Y =
Z = Nothing, actually.


Anonymous said...

Mozilla clears everything when it closes, so that's just what I've hit this morning.


Don said...

Huh. I thought I read less porn than that.

7.62x54r said...

What about numbers?

Tam said...

Who would use a number for a website address?

Anonymous said...

"Who would use a number for a website address? "

Those of us who remember IPs as well as names. ;)


7.62x54r said...

Obviously only someone who's very clever at coming up with a domain name. ;)

Yuri Orlov said...

"You broke into the wrong god damn Rec Room!"

LOL I love that clip!

Anonymous said...

Wow... whoever that guy you linked to is sure does read a lot of gun blogs ;)

Anonymous said...

Perusing my bookshelves would probably leave you puzzled.

Cybrludite said...

This could take up quite some room in you comments, so I'll just post it over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the lady who did Queen of Wands has a new comic. "Punch and Pie." Angela from QoW is the focus.

She does the writing, the guy who draws StripTease does the drawing.

Anonymous said...

"Who would use a number for a website address? "


Gel cells

2 https://209.###.###.8:8443/login...

Watching someone's Plesk while they are away.


Something useful to do with airsoft pellets.


Google cache is part of the standard mischief.


Vintage air cooled. Would be nice to find one rust free and drop a water cooled turbo powered oil burner in it.