Thursday, August 23, 2007

Intarw3bz funny #2:

Found somewhere in the wilds of cyberspace:


SayUncle said...

Not sure what's funnier. This one or the one below.


Anonymous said...

Transgendered anime cosplay ... another reason why we do not fear the Japanese nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't even begin to cover it.

Go google "Kancho" for a start.
Or the Japanese fixation with schoolgirls.

You might want to start reading "Gaijin Smash" A blog about the life and times of a American teaching english in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Only 78% ? I would put that percentage a bit higher. The cultural repression and forced assimilation make for some pretty twisted shenanigans. (hentai, anyone?) And if you like your eyes, don't google "Kancho". Or "Goatse" for that matter.