Sunday, August 19, 2007

The rich are different from you and I...

...they don't stop shopping because of "downturn" fears.

This is why I used the strategy of putting, instead of a price tag, a sign next to my custom Delta Elite that said "If you have to ask..." at the gun show yesterday. I had a lot of fun fielding questions for the hour or two until it sold.

"...then you don't know what you're looking at."

"...then you're not the target market."

"...then you don't know what it's worth."

"...then you can't afford it."


Anonymous said...

Now how can you have a gun show without a target market?

Hobie said...

Get real, you'd have been fielding "questions" anyway... ;-D

Unknown said...

WHAT??? Where the heck were you, then, 'cause I didn't see it and I went up and down all the aisles three times!