Friday, August 17, 2007

Gun show weekend...

There'll be a show at the Expo Center here in town this weekend and, as per usual, I've given up my free time in exchange for an exhibitor's badge.

Since it looks like I won't be buying any .30-caliber cans any time soon, I'll be dragging along Project Whisper and hanging a $750 tag on it just to see if I get any bites. The extra jingle wouldn't hurt, and I could turn a small part of it into a Mauser or an old Smith or some other old relic I'd enjoy more anyhow. (The Leupold doesn't come with it at that price, of course, although the Badger Tac-Latch and ErgoGrip do.) I'm even... and this feels a little whacky, so I may not do it... considering bringing my Delta Elite along. Not to put a price tag on, but just to see what kind of offers it gets. It's got a lot of work in it plus, like, nine or ten extra mags and I'm not dying to part with the thing, but if someone were to offer me Luger-shopping money for it, I'd be sorely tempted.

Anyhow.... Yay! Gun Show Weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

As usual, just as soon as I forget that I really really want a CQ/T for my Bushmaster, somebody shows a picture of a rifle with one hanging off of it and it starts the whole vicious cycle searching around on the net and scoping out every single table at every gunshow hoping somebody bought one and decided to sell it cheap.

Anonymous said...

Tam, if you sell your whisper (and I hope for your sake you do not!), will you be interested in parting with your cache of ammo?



Tam said...

Remember, I still have the Turk Mauser in .300 Whisper. ;)