Friday, February 03, 2017


So, Wednesday morning I reported feeling like I'd maybe dodged Bobbi's cold. That morning I felt pretty good, no muscle or joint aches, no fever...

I went and shot at the indoor range and ran errands like normal. When I got home, I figured I'd head out for my walk. What the heck, it was over 40 degrees, so we'll just keep the barefoot shoes on...

The unzipped hoodie didn't offer any wind protection. Further, the baby steps needed because of the barefoot shoes on pavement never let me walk fast enough to build up any body heat. And even with wool socks, forty degrees was way too cold for barefoot shoes on heat-sucking concrete.

By the time I got home from three laps in twenty minutes, I could tell that I'd pretty well undone any recovery. My throat was getting sore, the cough had returned, and I could feel the fever and achy muscles and joints coming back.

I didn't walk yesterday. I may not today. I feel like a heel having to make this excuse post. Two steps forward and one step back.