Friday, February 03, 2017


Shooting with the Glock 43 continued yesterday, along with some work with the Gen3 19 that used to be my carry gun.

The 43 has received a Tango Down Vickers slide release, and I also added a Pearce frame insert and a Pearce +1 extension. The latter replacing the pinkie-rest floorplate on the second magazine. If I'm going to have extra length on the bottom of the grip, I'm gonna get more BBs to go with it.

The 19, having gotten the Tyr trigger, got a ZEV V4 connector to go with it. Combined with the stock trigger return spring, this gave a trigger pull of 4#, and I wanted to see what that did for the actual shooting.

Both guns ran fine, as expected.

I like the trigger setup in the 19. The trigger reach is pretty much unchanged. Using a dressmaker's tape to measure the circumference around the trigger face and backstrap yields as close to 7" as makes no nevermind, whether I was measuring the Gen2 Robar 17 with the Overwatch Precision trigger, the Gen3 19 with the SSVI Tyr trigger, or the Gen4 34 with the stock trigger.

There may have been a sub-0.1" difference between the various guns, as this wasn't the most precise way to measure. For comparison, a 1911 with a long trigger and VZ Gatorback grips measures 6.75" via the same method.

The shooting with the 19 was done in three-to-five-round strings with splits in the high .6's and low .7's; speeds at which I could get a good sight picture on the existing bullet hole. I found the trigger pretty controllable for me at those speeds and it didn't seem to induce any egregious blunders.

The 43 continues to surprise me by being more pleasant to shoot than I thought it would be.

For the 43, this makes 100 rounds fired since the gun was cleaned or lubricated. 1,900 rounds to go.