Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday stuff...

From Bookface this morning at about 0500...
"Rannie bit me on the ear at 3:53 AM. Not hard, not even breaking skin, but I've been wide awake since then.
Now the alarm clock goes off in an hour, and I'm debating the wisdom of even trying to get more sleep."
On the one hand it *is* funny as heck.

On the other, I've been worried about her a lot lately. She'll be sixteen this year, and she's definitely getting frail. I'd hate to think what could have happened if a startled, half-awake me had lashed out and flung her or something.

I didn't get back to sleep, unless you count a fitful half hour or so long after the alarm clock went off. Plans to head out the door and get my walk in before breakfast? Dashed.

Yesterday the nose got a little runny, and the starting of a productive cough began. I assumed it was just the long tail of the cold Bobbi brought home from a coworker, but this morning I was coughing more and by evening I had the tender lymph nodes, sore joints, and beginnings of a fever that tell me that either I hadn't really dodged it, or else this was some fresh ailment. Which is a bummer, because I've been feeling pretty dang fine the last few days and thought I'd gotten off light.

On the upside, I finally got around to getting the cracked rim in the Zed Drei welded and re-balanced today, so I have a roadtrip-worthy machine again.

How handy Uber is! Take car to shop, walk from shop to Indy Arms Co. to do some blasting, get an Uber home, walk to Twenty Tap for lunch, and then get an Uber back to pick up my car. I'm definitely becoming a fan.