Sunday, February 05, 2017

Fry With Me

I listen to NPR in the Zed Drei as I'm running about my daily errands. On mornings when I drive down to MCF&G down in Speedway or up to Westfield to meet up with Mike for a range trip to ACC, that's a solid thirty minutes of programming at a whack.

Usually, though, just bopping around errands here in the neighborhood, I'm not in the car for more than five or ten minutes at a time, which means listening to snippets of the morning interview shows. Around here, that's 1A, the replacement for The Diane Rehm Show, and then Fresh Air, with Terri Gross.

I'm kind of still up in the air about 1A, because it has some pretty big shoes to fill. Diane could book serious guests, and regardless of the fact that her politics were wronger than monkeys doing algebra, she was a skilled and capable interviewer.

Terri, on the other hand...she comes across the airwaves as a nice person, but I don't know how the woman keeps her job. She's just an awful interviewer, constantly losing control of the flow of conversation, cutting off interviewees, asking blatantly leading questions.

Anyway, the other day, the show topic was "Exploring The Nationalistic And Christian Right Influences On Trump", interviewing a woman, name of Sarah Posner, who apparently covers this topic for that commie broadsheet, The Nation. Because I'm always down with hearing what other people think about stuff, and I wasn't able to hear but a couple minutes of it between the indoor range and the grocery store and home, I decided to make a note to listen to it online, which I did last night.

Oh my dear sweet Guglielmo Marconi...look, Terri Gross, for all her faults as an interviewer, has a voice that is pleasant to hear on the radio; it may be part of how she keeps her job. This Posner woman, on the other hand, subjected me to forty-three minutes and six seconds (but who's counting?) of one of the most egregious cases of vocal fry I have ever heard in all my born days.