Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Twelve Hundred...

Back to Indy Arms Co. on Monday morning to continue building the round count on the Glock 43. Also wanted to confirm I'd installed the Ameriglo TCAP sights correctly.

The TCAP differs from the ordinary CAP sight in having a thinner front blade (0.125" versus 0.140") that allows more daylight on either side of the front in the rear notch and doesn't obscure quite as much of the target. This allows for more precision and plenty of speed.

Naturally, they appear to have been discontinued. I'm tempted to buy a couple more sets to replace the standard CAPs on my Glocks that have them.

Having just spent eleven hundred rounds with the spew-worthy factory sights, it took a little getting used to the familiar CAP sight picture again. My initial tendency was to bury the front sight in the notch and, when I realized what I was doing, I over-corrected and started "floating" it up out of the notch. It took a little concentration to use the black outline of the sights rather than the markings to determine a correct alignment and roll from there. (This is the downside of dots and lines and boxes and circles and stuff on your sights. They can be misleading until you confirm how their proper alignment should look with a good "equal height, equal light" sight picture.)

The gun functioned without drama and the front sight didn't fly off, so I reckon we're all good.

This makes 1,200 rounds fired since the gun was cleaned or lubricated with no malfunctions. 800 rounds to go.