Monday, August 06, 2007

Apparently the bridge collapse is all Bush's fault.

According to some sources we have neglected the boring ol' infrastructure of the nation because the Eeeeevil Chimpy McHitlerburton has stopped taxing his rich cronies, or something. Never mind the fact that we have poured enough money into the bloated DOT over the last decades to fill every pothole in this nation with shredded hundred dollar bills and prop up every rusting, crumbling bridge with towering stacks of Sacajawea coins.

This money was all wasted on pork barrel Bridges To Nowhere and spent on business cards for a bureaucracy that would make a Byzantine blush not enough to prevent the Minneapolis disaster. Gh0d knows that a privately-accountable and profit-driven infrastructure would be infinitely more efficient step on the throats of the starveling poor.

(H/T to BabyTrollBlog.)


BobG said...

Sooner or later they'll narrow it down to a scapegoat who can't pass the buck, then the lawsuits will avalanche in. The local governments, who are supposed to be using the federal money to inspect and maintain the infrastructure, will not catch blame. As a matter of fact, they will probably start whining for an increase from the feds.
Just my opinion.

Rabbit said...

You can't build a bridge with government cheese and peanut butter.


Kaylee said...

Finally heard the story of the "bridge to nowhere" bit up here. It's rather like Michigan, or the bay bridges in the Silicon Valley area.

There's this spot right across the water that Anchorage is wanting to expand to. Thing is, what would be a five minute drive over a bridge is several hours around the bay.

Hence, wanting a bridge to get there quicklike, so as to put more city on the other side.

So while it ain't the idiotic boondoggle move the national press makes it out to be, I agree I'd sooner see it all done privately.

7.62x54r said...

Start whining for an increase from the feds? Has your DSL/CableTV/Mail/Radio/TV/Newspaper been out this past week?

Tam said...


Anonymous said...

The fundamental problem is that Congressmen and local politicians don't seek to have repair jobs named after them. There's always money to build new crap, needed or not, but always too little for maintenance. It sounds like they found cracks starting in the supporting beams in 2001,and the repairs were on the waiting list for six years.


ibex said...

I assume 7.62x54r is saying that they already are whining for an increase in funds from the feds.

Anonymous said...

Check all of their freezers...

Oh wait, too late, they've been tipped off.