Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bleg: Who out there has BPCR experience?

I'm thinking about attempting to do some loading for a couple of my 19th Century rifles. (Specifically 11mm Mauser. Probably 11mm Gras and .577-450 Martini at some point, too.)


Anonymous said...

SPG Lubricants BP Cartridge Reloading Primer by Mike Venturino and Steve Garbe. Got mine from Dillon Precision Products years ago. Ed Jones

Anonymous said...


Who is..... Carteach0? said...

Drop in on these folks. They is really smart where cast bullet stuff is concerned.

I agree on Venturinos book. The lyman manual also has some good stuff, and RCBS puts out a cast bullet book as well.

Some useful links:,329.htm

Given druthers, I would cast my own bullets for those calibers. It's satisfying.

HTRN said...

You might want to slug the bore of the Marti if you haven't already - they tend to have somewhat variable bore sizes. Mine is actually 458, but it was rebarreled sometime in the 1920's for issue to the Irish constabulary. Dies are available from CH4D, and RCBS, with RCBS a mindblowing price. They are probably a better quality, but not worth it. Brass is available from both Bertram and Jamison - stay away from the Bertram, it's crappy quality. Probably the best price for brass is Buffaloarms, but my suspicion is they're using reformed Magtech shotgun shells.

The 11mm Brass is available from(once again) Betram and Jamison - again, stay away from the Bertram stuff - lousy quality. I believe RCBS makes a proper mold if you want to cast your own.

I am going to warn you that at least in the case of the MH, you're probably going to spend as much on reloading supplys, as you probably did on the rifle, if not more. It's the main reason I haven't shot mine yet.