Thursday, August 16, 2007

How about a little fire, Scarecrow?

You know those hand-held bug zapper tennis racquet thingies? They will do a number on a Hobo Spider.

I %$^&ing hate spiders.


B&N said...

Ah, C'mon, we need footage of this.

phlegmfatale said...

Rock on, Tam!

Yes, photos. We need photos.

Alex said...


I bought one of those things the first time you mentioned them. It rocks! Everybody should have one!


Mauser*Girl said...

They're good for other stuff, too...

CountrClkWise said...

Look, woman -- the spiders are looking out for you!
Despite your callous disregard for their efforts, they guard you night and day, protecting you from the evil mojitos. You may owe them your life for all you know. You owe them at least a kiss.