Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ah, the New Media...

From my vantage point, Dubya's primary sin is his role in turning a conservative Republican Party into a poor imitation of democrats. While not the first, nor only example, I'll cite his advocacy of Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey 1n 2004, allowing the Sphincter to prevail by a mere 15,000 votes. I could feel the "mo" shift, right then. It resonated. It's his Republican Party apparatus that foisted John McCain upon us.
(Italics mine.)

Huh? He calls himself "curmudgeonly", so I'm assuming that means that he was old enough to be watching GOP politics in the year 2000. You know, during the primaries...

While Col. Tighe may be the poster boy for the Big Government Compromise Wing of the GOP and the Shrub is definitely the front man for the Compromising Big Government Wing, there's no love lost between the two. Neither would "foist" the other anyplace except off the end of a plank.

(H/T to KdT)

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Inspector said...

It doesn't matter, Tam. He's saying that this - Bush's actions - lead to that - McCain's current position of prominence.

This says nothing about what either of them thinks of the other.

Of course the thing goes back way farther than just Bush Jr... or the Bush family entirely for that matter. The GOP was doomed to become a Statist party from their inception, what with the whole principles thing. Ah, but I digress.