Monday, May 19, 2008

The Big NRA Convention Report... going to be a whole bunch of little reports.

If I was the Old Media, I would have had to take copious notes and worry about things like conclusions and the three or eight or however many "W's" there are, but because I'm just one of those slacker blogger New Media types, I can riff this off the top of my head for the next day or so, typing in my pyjamas with a beer at my elbow as the muse hits.

First, though, I want to thank Bitter for being the crafty mastermind of this whole operation and helping us become better minions of the Triangle of Death. Take a bow, Bitter, 'cause you totally earned it.

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Brian J. said...

In the big media, 21st century edition, there is only one W, and he is to be blamed for anything bad in the story.

Americans in SUVs causing global warming? W!
Higher fuel prices? W!
Auto plants idling because SUV demand is dropping? W!
Tomorrow's weather forecast includes rain? W!