Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Exciting Day:

So far I have done two loads of laundry, watered and weeded the veggies and herbs in the back yard and the flowers out front, emptied the dishwasher, cooked lunch, finished a book, helped the termite guy, changed litter boxes, and blogged some.

Next up: Mowing the front yard, sweeping the sidewalks, hauling the trash 'round front, and getting all creative and writing 2,000-ish words. Maybe running to the grocery store.

It's so exciting to be me!


Tony said...

You forgot to make pie.

Chris Byrne said...

And you thought this housewife stuff was going to be boring ;-)

Weetabix said...

Will you come to my house for a week?

Tennessee Budd said...

Damn, no wonder you left. All there was to do in the former Coal Creek was shoot the occasional 'possum that came after the cat food. No, wait, that's at my place. Lake City probably at least had bears.
The whirlwind life you lead has me awestruck.

Breda said...

does RobertaX rent you out? what are your rates?

Bryan said...

Hey Tam, I don't know if the day-to-day comic called The Devil's Panties (it's not satanic porn) would interest you, but she recently drew three I think you'd like.



Anonymous said...

The Worls of Tamara

Will said...

I lieu of running, why not try skates or 'blades?
Hmmm, now that suggests an interesting IPSIC/IDPA scenario. Wonder if there would be any willing to watch?
Probably only on a remote feed.(snicker)

Anonymous said...

Tam? Have you considered oh, I don't know... JOB HUNTING?

Seriously, does this blog pay that much? I mean, don't you WORK?

Jeff said...

Annie Nonomous stole my comment!

I was gonna say "Ain't you found a job yet!" Of course with a great big wink attached at the end. I don't care if you find a job. Unless of course you're looking for one. Then I wish you the best of luck. Because armed unemployed people are much more dangerous than armed employed people. :)

Got those helicopters out of the gutters yet?