Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Like a gun, only smaller.

Caleb likes his new Jetfire. Having owned three myself, I think he has excellent taste in mouseguns.

Yes, yes, I know the P-32 is lighter and thinner, but:

1) A Jetfire can be concealed anyplace short of a nudist colony, too, so the point is kinda moot.

2) Sure, the 950BS is chambered in the oft-reviled .25, but it's not like .32ACP is the Hammer of Thor, either.

3) The single action Jetfire shoots better for me on my worst days than the Kel-Tec does on my best. With these pipsqueak cartridges, accuracy is very important. From a Jetfire, Colt Vest Pocket, or a Baby Browning, I can put the bullet exactly where I want it; not so much with the Kel-Tec. Your results may vary.

Those times I just can't carry a gun, it's the next best thing.


D.W. Drang said...

The new(ish) KT PF9 is slightly bigger, but in 9mm. The problem with KelTecs is that they often need kitchen table gunsmithing. The good part is that it does not (necessarily) void the KT warranty. Also, step by step instructions are available on the 'net.

OT: I was thinking of activating AdSense on my blog, but I've changed my mind, since the ad at the top of your page right now is "Your Mexican Bride Is Waiting For You!" I can't imagine what you've written that brought that on, but I'd just as soon pass, thankyewverymuch...

Tam said...

"The problem with KelTecs is that they often need kitchen table gunsmithing."

The other problem with Kel-Tecs for me is that I can't hit beans with the 32 or the 380, and I can't imagine I'd do much better with the 9mm. Plus the 380 squirms in my grip so much that it stovepipes whenever I shoot it one-handed; a defensive pistol that I need to get a firm, two-hand grip with one finger looped around the front of the trigger guard is worthless to me.

For those that can use them, they are great little guns. For me, they're just so much pocket ballast.

Rabbit said...

I was in close proximity to a Bauer for awhile; the stainless steel copy of the Browning Baby. It fed Winchester's little pellet-nosed pills just fine. I didn't have any negative experiences directly related to the little pistol. As it was gifted to my ex before she was my ex, there's the rub.


HTRN said...

What I really like about those 950's is when they're modified to take suppressors. lotsa fun to shoot in the backyard with a gun that still fits in your pocket.

dr mac said...

If I'm gonna go low and light I'll take the Ruger LCM in .380 or better yet my wife's S&W 340PD with CT grips in .357 mag.

I don't want to have to keep on shooting at the distances these BUG guns would be utilized.

the pawnbroker said...

the topic of the minigun lends itself to a discussion of multiple carry; about half the time when i go out my old colt cobra is under my shirt, but my little naa22lr goes everywhere with me; if i'm dressed i'm totin' it, like a pocketknife...it has given me comfort many times to know it is there and to have a plan if i were forced to use its upcloseandpersonal defensive capability.

the old saying is that the best carry gun is the one you have on you when you godforbid need it, and all these little pocketguns (i really love those decades old colts and brownings, and i used to sell those nifty little stainless bauer .25's someone mentioned) whether .22, .25, .32, or .380 any of them beat the hell out of the .45 at home in its drawer...and even accuracy takes a backseat to utter dependability and simplicity for a piece that will be for lastditch closequarters purposes.

so, when fully dressed, carry double...but always, even if you're running out in shorts and t-shirt to fill up the car, have your minigun with you.

and if you're going to carry, xavier has honed his five rules of carry into what he calls "the concealed carry creed" here:
learn 'em and live 'em...

Joe Huffman said...

Tam, you must not be as worldly as I thought you were.

My wife and I have been members of a couple different nudist clubs, been to many more, and know of hundreds. But I don't know of a single nudist colony.

The type of establishment exists but that term is seldom used by the people engaged in that lifestyle. See also the Wikipedia entry for Nudist Colony.


Will said...

I'm on my third 950. Bought them late 80's? Seems Beretta USA had some production line problems then. (They were busy with the US Military order). They forgot to stake a cross pin that runs through the frame rails. Slide started getting sticky about fifty rounds or so. Took it back. Second gun disassembled itself rather spectacularly on the second mag. Couple shots after swapping mags, the barrel flipped, and the slide ended up hanging from the frame by the mousetrap spring. I think the mag also fell out at the same time. I suspect the look on my face was priceless. Re-assembled it, and a few shots later it repeated the whole thing. At approx 20-25 rounds, the slide froze about halfway, and wouldn't budge. Took it home, and used a plastic face hammer to get it moving. Back for a third one. This one started getting sticky about 50 rounds or so. Took it home, and Loctited and staked it myself. Should have fixed the first one, it was the best of them. It would punch round holes at 25 yrds. The second was keyholing at 7 yards. The third at 15 yards.

My mods: machined the mag button down to halfway between the front and the rear height of the clearance hole. Shooting right-handed, my ring finger would drop the mag. Left-handed, my palm would drop it.

Second, I removed the raised thumb tab from the barrel release lever. I found a left-handed(!) Bianchi 18J belt holster for it, but occasionally the holster would trip the lever. The spring loaded barrel would very effectively lock the gun into the holster. Not good! There is still enough lever to release the barrel, but only when you want to.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

If it was good enough for James Bond...

I have a Le Francais though that's just frickin' neat :)

Tam said...

Dr. Mac,

"I don't want to have to keep on shooting at the distances these BUG guns would be utilized."

If you're counting on .380 (or even .357) to keep you from having to make follow-up shots, I have some bad news for you...

Randolph said...

"Those times I just can't carry a gun, it's the next best thing."

I think this is what is called 'damned with faint praise.'

OTOH 'First rule of gunfighting: Bring a gun.'

Matt G said...

"If you're counting on .380 (or even .357) to keep you from having to make follow-up shots, I have some bad news for you..."


If you can hold it in your hand, you can't reliably stop an enraged critter of more than, oh, about 40 pounds.

And as always, I caution people that, so long as it reliably goes bang, the most important criteria is that a shooter has a personal feel for his or her pistol. There is nothing in the world that is as personal in its fit to the person possessing it.

TM said...

I prefer a S&W 442 J-Frame in a pocket holster. Fits my front jeans pockets just right---invisible.

Tam said...

I have AirWeight J's, too, but the littlest mouseguns fill an entirely different niche.