Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Commisar Obamaski.

Folks have apparently pointed out to Barry that while he may be in the Red Army, his uncle most certainly wasn't.


Bryan said...

There are plenty valid negative things to say about Obama, but making a big deal about mixing up Auschwitz vs. Buchenwald ... meh. And yes, I know you'rej ust making a joke at his expense. I mean the others I see in a big huff about it today.

It's not as if one of our candidates would mix up something relevant like oh ... whether or not Iran and Al Quaeda are friends or enemies.

Today's validation word: awreqkd. Even your captcha has a southern accent.


Don Meaker said...

Auschwitz vs. Buchewald, his great uncle vs. his uncle.

On the other hand, he recently blamed Bush for Chavez. Only thing is Chavez was elected in 1998. The wrong fact invalidated his point.

Al Quaeda and Iran are friends so long as they both support attacks on the US. Iran funds both Shia and Sunni terrorists in Iraq.

The world is complex. Hardly ever is the Markov process (the assumption that things are either or) a valid description of human behavior.