Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fire Mission.

Target: zombies in the open.


Joe Allen said...

Best pic: zombie holding placard with cleverly worded slogan precisely articulating the zombie movement's position...



Anonymous said...

There were quite a few pretty red head zombies there. Perhaps a move to Nashville is in order.

Rob K said...

I particularly liked the anti-zombie protesters.

Zendo Deb said...

What does this mean?

Anonymous said...


The Apocalypse is NOW!!


Word verification: rikjsbl. The sound a zombie makes when he/she sees their reflection in a mirror.


Cybrludite said...


The end is extremely &*^@ing nigh!

Think of it as a fun way to raise awareness of the thread to humanity posed by non-stationary cadavers. For more information on the threat posed by ravening hordes of flesh-eating corpses, check out

(As far as I know, Zombie Squad was not affiliated with this Zombie Walk)

staghounds said...

Every time I go to Nash, I'm struck by how much more healthy, attractive, and well dressed people in general are than they are where I live.

Now, I see it's even the Undead.

Not as compared to our Zombies, but to our regulare live people.


Where I live is like Mexico in reverse- "So close to God, so far from Nashville."

Word verification about this Nashville post-


too spooky!